11 Affordable Tools That Growing Social Media Team Can Bank Upon

Affordable Tools for Growing Social Media Team

Social media has emerged as one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. With the number of social media users growing every day throughout the globe, businesses are setting up a dedicated social media team to reap benefits from different social media campaigns.

However, social media marketing is not only about posting pictures, status, events, etc. As a social media professional, you need to take care of so many things that you need to take care of. Undoubtedly, you have to plan, execute, and monitor the performance of different social media campaigns across multiple platforms to succeed.

By utilizing the power of social media, you will be able to grow your brand’s presence, derive traffic to your website, interact with customers, get more sales, and more. So, this is why businesses must invest in building social media teams. 

If you are part of a social media team, you need to know about some great tools that can be used to achieve your social media goals. This article will talk about 11 affordable tools that your social media team needs to get better results. So, let’s start.

11 Reasonably Priced Tools For Your Social Media Team 

Here are the best tools that must be used for different purposes in your social media team:

#1 AiGrow 

AiGrow, best tool for social media team

One of the essential things you must care about while managing your social media team is your social growth. This is what AiGrow management services will help you with. Actually, this intriguing tool is specialized for Instagram accounts and helps your team with managing multiple accounts simultaneously, getting free followers, and even hiring a dedicated Instagram account manager

But, these are not the only features offered by this intriguing management tool. Please keep reading to know more about its unique features. 

Key Features

Using AiGrow, you can also:

For content creation, hire a professional designer to create eye-catching Instagram posts.

Pricing Plans:

Here is the list of packages and details of plans offered by AiGrow:

#2 DigiChefs

Digichefs is for sure the best Digital Marketing Agency In Mumbai, Helping you grow your business and reach more audiences. They help you plan and schedule your content calendar, create eye-catching videos and content for your social media accounts, and then provide you with detailed analytics and reports about your performance to help you come up with better strategies.

#3 BuzzSumo

Best Content Finders

BuzzSumo provides you instant access to content that performs extremely well on the web and across different social media platforms. It is one of the most trusted tools marketers use to get information about trending content and create campaigns accordingly to ensure better audience engagement.

By switching to BuzzSumo, your social media team will be able to develop effective marketing strategies, track your competitors’ performance, get the latest industry news, and create more backlinks.

Key Features

  • Search and collaborate with influencers of your business’s niche
  • Engagement analytics and organic growth monitoring
  • Integrated keyword tool to identify popular keywords and cost-based data for creating effective PPC strategies

Pricing Plans:

BuzzSumo has four different paid plans:

Pro – $79 per month (billed annually)

Plus – $139 per month (billed annually)

Large – $239 per month (billed annually)

Enterprise – Starts at $499 per month 

#4 Canva

Canva; Content Creator

One of the most important social media marketing tasks is to create stunning graphics to be shared on different social media platforms. Canva is a graphic designing platform that you can use to design a wide range of visual content for sharing on social media, such as graphics, presentations, storyboards, animated posts, etc.

Canva has a straightforward interface, and you can create engaging and informative visual content even if you do not have professional graphic designing skills. It also allows you to create graphics based on social platforms and automatically optimize the graphics’ dimensions.

Key Features

  • Extensive range of photo effects to give a unique look to the photos
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Logo designing
  • You can download and share graphics easily
  • Custom templates

Pricing Plans

The free plan that you access to most of its basic features. However, for advanced features of Canva, you can choose from its two paid plans:

Pro – $9.95 per user per month (billed annually)

Enterprise – $30.00 per user per month (billed annually)

#5 SocialPilot

social media team tools

SocialPilot is a social media marketing tool having features that give you the privilege to manage all your social accounts and content from a single place. It also fosters effective collaboration among the team members and ensures that their combined efforts bring the desired results.

One of the biggest advantages of using SocialPilot is that it is cost-effective for any team. With it, your social media can streamline their everyday responsibilities, such as
social media posting and scheduling, content curation, and content performance monitoring.

Key Features

  • Bulk post scheduling
  • Integrated social media content calendar
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Facebook ads management
  • Client collaboration and management

Pricing Plans

Socialpilot has four paid plans:

Professional – $25 per month (25 social media accounts) (billed annually)

Small Team – $41.66 per month (50 social media accounts) (billed annually)

Agency – $83.33 per month (100 social media accounts) (billed annually)

Enterprise – Contact customer support

#6 ProofHub

social media team tools

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software that gives you the ultimate control of your social media projects, tasks, teams, and clients. You can load all your projects on ProofHub, break them into tasks, select task assignees, and track the progress of tasks. This amazing tool has incorporated scrumban into its system so that projects are efficiently managed.

Online proofing is the most interesting feature of ProofHub that social media teams love to use. You can upload designs, graphics, documents and share them with your team members. Using the proofing feature, you can share your feedback, approve designs & documents with a single click, and even highlight particular regions of a design that need to be modified.

Key Features

  • Planning and scheduling tasks using interactive Gantt charts
  • Built-in chat tool for instant team communication
  • Customizable project and resource reports
  • Create custom roles and decide permissions for each role
  • Integrated timers & timesheets for accurate time tracking 

Pricing Plans

ProofHub has two paid plans:

Essential – $45 per month (unlimited users)

Ultimate Control – $89 per month (unlimited users)

#7 Venngage

Infographic creators

Venngage is one of the most popular tools that marketers use to create visually appealing and meaningful infographics. It offers a splendid range of pre-built templates that allows you to design infographics for your social media in no time. Moreover, you can customize the design of your infographics to ensure that they look unique and attractive.

While infographics creation is the main highlight of Venngage, you can also rely on this tool to create other graphic content, like social media posts, presentations, logos, roadmaps, business plans, and much more.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Export design in multiple formats – PDF, PNG, Vector PDF, and Interactive PDF
  • Team collaboration and access control
  • Image uploads

Pricing Plans

Apart from a free plan, Venngage has two paid plans:

Premium – $24 per month (billed annually)

Business – $39 per month (billed annually)


#8 Post Planner

Post Planner is a social media tool designed to help you boost social media engagement. Using this tool, your team will formulate actionable social media strategies to attract more traffic and increase sales. Moreover, the simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to get used to the software’s functionality.

With Post Planner, you will be able to discover relevant content to share, optimize & schedule your posts, and assess the performance of posts, all under a single roof.

Key Features

  • Discover trending content
  • Content calendar
  • Recycle feature identifies top-performing content and re-post it

Pricing Plans

Actually, Post Planner has different pricing plans for small businesses and enterprises:

  1. For small businesses:

Starter – $3 per user per month (3 social accounts)

Love – $9 per user per month (10 social accounts)

Guru – $19 per month (30 social accounts) (5 users)

  1. For Enterprises:

Master – $49 per month (50 social accounts) (8 users)

Agency – $99 per month (100 social accounts) (10 users)

Venture – $199 per month (200 social accounts) (30 users)

#9 ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a leading social media and content marketing tool that marketers use to stay on top of their social media campaigns. With this tool, you will curate the best content for your social media profiles and improve audience engagement.

Create content for your social media or blog with its multi-channel composer, allowing you to edit the text and images you want to use in your posts. An integrated SEO optimization toolbox is also provided to help you make your content SEO-friendly. You can get suggestions of trending hashtags and preview the post before approving it for publishing. 

Key Features 

  • An interactive calendar for scheduling campaigns and posts
  • Step by step templates to set up campaigns quickly
  • Detailed analytics and reports make it possible to measure the performance of campaigns

Pricing Plans

ContentStudio has 4 different pricing plans:

Pro – $49 per month (10 social accounts) (billed annually)

Small – $99 per month (25 social accounts) (billed annually)

Medium – $199 per month (50 social accounts) (billed annually)

Large – $299 per month (150 social accounts) (billed annually)

#10 SimpleNote

As a social media marketer, you need to participate in meetings, do intensive research on the internet, and discuss issues with your teammates. In fact, the common thing among all these activities is taking notes. SimpleNote is a note-taking app. So, using this tool, your team can take and manage all notes in a single place.

SimpleNote is a lightweight software and is available across all major platforms and devices. Fortunately, being cloud-based, you can access your notes from literally anywhere using the internet. Moreover, you can create checklists that you can use as to-dos for your projects and even invite your team members to collaborate on them.

Key Features  

  • Markdown format support for notes
  • Add tags with notes to keep them well-organized
  • Pin important notes and access them instantly
  • Automatic data synchronization with cloud servers 

Pricing Plans

SimpleNote is free to use.

#11 Troop Messenger

Well, you need to chat with your coworkers. Troop Messenger is a team chat & communication software that your social media team can use to stay connected. The platform gives you the flexibility to communicate with your team in different ways, including text messages, audio messages, audio calls, and video calls. So, don’t miss the chance to try it!

All this makes Troop Messenger a favorable tool for teams to share work using images, videos, and other files. What’s more, it also supports meeting agenda integration, to keep the virtual conference organized before it starts. Troop Messenger has nearly everything that teams need to communicate and collaborate effectively.  

Key Features

  • Live location tracking
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Read receipts acknowledge that the recipient has got the message successfully.
  • Advanced search filters

Pricing Plans

Troop Messenger has two paid plans:

Premium – $1 per user per month

Enterprise – $4.99 per user per month

Final Thoughts on Affordable Tools for Your Social Media Team

Whether you talk about social media management software or communication tools, time tracking apps, or reporting software, there are plenty of options available in the market for you to try as a social media marketer. It can be overwhelming, but you need to be smart enough to pick the right one according to your team’s requirements. 

The tools I’ve mentioned in this article are among the best ones your social media team can use to plan and execute winning campaigns. So, give them a try and leave us a comment about your experience.

Good luck with your choices!

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