TikTok Influencer Marketing Guide + 6 steps to be a TikTok influencer

Tiktok Influencer Marketing

Because of TikTok’s recent surge in popularity, many firms are eager to promote their products and services on the platform. As you may know, there are several options to promote and get recognized on TikTok. One way for brands to grow their TikTok following is through TikTok influencer marketing

In an earlier post, we talked about TikTok ads. In this post, we will show you how to use the power of the top TikTok influencers for your brand. So, stay with us.

TikTok influencer marketing
TikTok influencer marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing 

At its most basic level, influencer marketing is a sort of social media marketing that relies on endorsements and product mentions from influencers. Influencers are people who have a large social following and are regarded as experts in their field. 

Influencer marketing is effective because social influencers have a high level of trust with their followers. Their recommendations act as a sort of social proof to your brand’s potential customers. TikTok influencer marketing brought a satisfactory result for companies and brands that used this method.

One of the most important aspects of online marketing is finding the right social network and collaborating with the best influencers to gain viewers. But even more importantly, you should target your audience so that you can convert potential clients into paying customers on Instagram, TikTok, or even Facebook.

Influencer marketing is far more than just making and endorsing funny videos or posing for pretty pictures on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It requires that your business focuses on the people who are most likely to resonate with and impact your target audience. 

Using TikTok influencer marketing with the correct influencer marketing strategy, companies can directly reach their target demographics and keep them engaged over the long term.  When it comes to TikTok, it’s a good idea to work with famous TikTokers if you’d like to disseminate your brand’s message throughout the world and improve traffic or if you want to sell to a younger clientele.

What Is TikTok and Why Use It for Influencer Marketing

Consumer involvement has changed forever since TikTok became popular during the epidemic years. Many Gen Z users are so obsessed with the app that they swipe through it until they’re exhausted! So it is evident why TikTok is a good fit for companies. 

It’s no secret that TikTok, a short-form social video platform, has swept the internet. Businesses can start TikTok influencer marketing and make use of this opportunity to sell their services and products. To have fun while promoting your business, you can create TikTok videos as short as 15 seconds including various comic elements, such as lip-syncing, dancing, and pranking. 

The TikTok algorithm is programmed to analyze the videos you’ve enjoyed and shared in the past and develop content using that knowledge. When a video is uploaded, TikTok presents it to some users in between viral videos. Then the program counts the hours watched, the number of likes, and shares. 

TikTok’s “For You” feed uses a robust algorithm to direct viewers to videos they’ll enjoy. Even if you’re not a follower of the content creator, you’ll still see their videos in your feed because the algorithm considers your interests. That’s why people can go from zero to hero so quickly with this system.

This feature, compared to other social media platforms, boosts your chances of earning more views and shares for your videos. So it provides an excellent opportunity for brands to use influencer marketing on TikTok. To achieve this, companies rely on TikTok influencer marketing agencies to help them get famous on TikTok. 

One example is Lipton Iced Tea brand. Using the TikTok influencer marketing method, Lipton promoted its iced tea goods in Australia. Australian influencers were hired to generate content in their usual style, but they were just asked to hold a bottle of Lipton in the video.

Lipton promoted its iced tea goods using TikTok influencer marketing

Despite the fact that the videos were promoted as collaborations, the results were more authentic and resonated with users. If you want your influencers to create the best content for you, let them! They’re the experts!

What Is a TikTok Influencer

In order to get seen on TikTok, several companies rely on a TikTok influencer. An influencer marketing strategy is based on influencers making, sharing, and sometimes live streaming videos on TikTok that promote a company and make it more appealing to their followers.

Companies consider TikTok influencer marketing as their primary method for marketing. They are willing to pay TikTok influencers to advertise their products because of the hefty followings they’ve amassed on the app.

TikTok has lowered the bar for being an influencer significantly. Brands can spend from $200 to $20,000 for a branded video, depending on the size of the creator’s audience, the genre of video, and the amount of engagement. 

Similar to YouTube’s partnership model, TikTok pays content creators for their work through the TikTok Creator Fund. You must have at least 100,000 followers and at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days in order to do this.

However, keep in mind that country restrictions may be a significant barrier to receiving funds for TikTok influencer marketing. So, if you’re counting on it as your sole source of income, check out this TikTok article on the creator fund before you begin using TikTok for influencer marketing.

How to Be a TikTok Influencer

Ads and sponsorship are the two main ways TikTok influencers can make money. As mentioned before, there are many other ways to make money on TikTok, such as applying for TikTok’s creator fund, partnering up with influencers, etc. Being a TikTok influencer is one of them. 

TikTok influencers collaborate in TikTok influencer marketing

It’s a good idea to think about turning into a TikTok influencer if you want to cash in on this growing trend. To become a TikTok influencer, you must consider some points:

#1 Find Your Strengths and Choose a Niche

To Be a TikTok Influencer, you must first identify your strengths and see what you are good at; dancing, cooking, pranking, etc. Your style must be unique to discover and make people follow you among the TikTok influencers

On TikTok, there are different types of content. Make sure you’re original if you want to connect with your audience. And if you want to stand out from other TikTok influencers, pick a niche that is new and unusual.

To be really honest, anyone can become a TikTok influencer. And if you know how to take advantage of TikTok’s potential, you can make money from TikTok influencer marketing. Finding low-competition, easy-to-fill niches is something you should learn.

#2 Use and Create Hashtags 

Using your own hashtags will help you stand out. Think outside of the box and come up with something that will catch the attention of your target audience. Knowing how to use hashtags on TikTok appropriately will help you grow your following. 

‌But more importantly, using the best TikTok hashtags in your videos might also help you gain more viewers and reach your target audience. TikTok’s hashtags display the most popular challenges, jokes, and videos going viral. But bear in mind that the trending topics on TikTok are not the same as those hashtags on Instagram or Twitter because of the difference in the way the hashtags are used.

#3 Collaborate With Brands to Have a Good TikTok Influencer Marketing

You can expect to earn money once you reach tens of thousands of followers. At that time, you can propose a partnership with a brand. You can pitch brands based on your degree of power. Influencers that are well-known on TikTok can earn between $500 and $20,000 for every video, depending on the brand promotion and follower interaction. 

The higher the target audience’s TiktTok engagement rate is, the higher the advertiser’s conversion rate would be. In order to persuade your audience, you might use their favorable feedback or their participation in live video streaming. So, learn how to go live on TikTok.

Looking for a way to find brands to collaborate with? Then read on!

Ainfluencer: A Free Influencer-Brand Partnership Platform

Ainfluencer is the ultimate solution for both influencers and businesses Through this platform, businesses of all sizes can find the right Instagram and TikTok influencers according to their niche, category, location, gender, etc. and leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote their brand. At the same time, micro-influencers can showcase their talent on Ainfluencer and make money out of their social media accounts.


One of the greatest merits of Ainfluencer is that it provides a safe environment for the deals to be sealed and makes sure that both parties meet the agreed-upon terms. On top of that, it offers all these services for free! So you don’t have to spend even a penny to be able to use this platform.

Easily sign up on Ainfluencer for free, close deals, and pay the bills!

#4 Follow Latest Trends

Additionally, you must spend time in the app, skimming through information as an average user would to get the most out of your time there. If a trend is hot today, it’s likely to be out of date by the end of the week; TikTok’s trends are continuously altering.

Similarly, incorporating top TikTok songs into your videos will assist in promoting them to people’s FYP. You may check out the ‘Discover’ button in the bottom menu bar to discover what’s hot in your location in terms of hashtags, effects, and music.

#5 Connect and Promote Your Videos on Other Platforms

In order to build a huge number of followers and start TikTok influencer marketing, you must do more than upload videos. Using other social media channels, you’ll need to spread the word about your TikTok account. You can promote your TikTak account by including a link to your blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages. 

TikTok influencers earn more followers the more they promote themselves. In addition, you can participate in cross-promotions. A strong presence on other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram is an excellent way to re-direct your audience to your TikTok account.

Since Instagram is an ideal platform for marketing, it’s a best practice to refer your Instagram followers and visitors to your TikTok content or even your website. Doing so allows you to transfer your Instagram success across all social media, and it enables your already engaged followers to reach more of your excellent content. So, it’s a win-win!

However, because of Instagram limitations, you can only include only one link in your bio. To go around this limitation and add as many CTA buttons as you wish, you can use MyURLs.Bio, a reliable platform for this purpose! 


MyURLs.bio enables you to create multiple CTA buttons, build landing pages, and redirect your engaged followers to your other social media accounts, or even your website. By using this excellent tool, you can increase your followers and fans, facilitate the shopping process, and increase your sales.

So, don’t miss out on MyURLs.bio; sign up right now to enjoy fame on all social networks!

#6 Adhere to the TikTok Content Restrictions

Before you start TikTok influencer marketing, just make sure you read and adhere to the TikTok content restrictions. TikTok will not tolerate any content that incites or encourages hatred. Create content that people will love to watch and share.

So, rely on your strengths and do what you think you can do better. It’s not difficult going viral on TikTok. As a result, there’s no time to waste. Get started right away by downloading the app. People will fall in love with you if you just do your thing. 

TikTok Affiliate Marketing

You may ask what is Affiliate Marketing? Basically, you promote a product or service and get paid for each sale you assist in through affiliate marketing. Depending on the industry and the company, salaries might range anywhere from 15% to 25%. 

Individual commissions may not seem like much, but when multiplied by a large number, they may soon become a significant source of income. Affiliate marketing on TikTok has steadily increased in power and popularity over the last few years. It means that savvy users who use TikTok as a marketer will be looking for ways to leverage affiliate marketing on TikTok.

TikTok Affiliate Marketing
TikTok Affiliate Marketing

TikTok affiliate marketing is the practice of uploading videos on TikTok with the intention of monetizing your audience through affiliate links in your videos or on an external blog or social site.

But the problem is that TikTok, like Instagram, restricts your bio to a single link. So in these circumstances, the ideal answer is to employ a link housing tool and provide access to all your links through tapping on a single one.

Many tools have made it easier to avoid the annoyance of limiting one’s bio to a single link. For Instagram, there is an amazing one called Myurls.bio, as we mentioned and explained earlier. If you have an extensive following on Instagram, take advantage of it and add your TikTok account link on your Instagram bio using this.

How to Get Brand Deals on TikTok

Obviously, in order to be a TikTok influencer, you must establish ties with brands. Brands like to collaborate with micro-influencers, so try to reach enough followers to get brand deals. However, as a customer, you understand that any brand collaborations must be a natural fit for your account. Your audience will reject anything that appears to be an apparent money grab.

Another way to get brand deals on TikTok is to mention them in your videos. For example, if there is a brand you are already loyal to and would like to collaborate with, create videos and mention them on it. Suppose you’re creating material that they enjoy. In that case, that resonates with your audience and creates buzz, and the brand will probably contact you.

Keep in mind that your TikTok profile serves as a virtual business card for your brand. With this in mind, the profile image should be professional and include a bio. It is also helpful to link to the rest of your media (IG, YT, etc.).

Another option is to collaborate with a platform that links brands and creators. These tools are designed to expedite the entire influencer marketing process, assisting individuals and businesses in forming mutually beneficial collaborations.

How to Find Influencers on TikTok

Before initiating a marketing campaign in TikTok, you have to discover famous TikTok influencers to collaborate with. It would be best to be careful in hiring influencers who support your brand. Wrong influencers might lead to disastrous TikTok marketing strategies. 

Identifying and being acquainted with the top influencers to begin TikTok influencer marketing is critical for brand connections.

Do a Google Search

Use the Google search method, and you may get a helpful result. TikTok influencers can be found by searching for “The best TikTok creators” online. To narrow your search, you can select a specific niche. For example, use the term “Beauty TikTok creators” to find people who can help promote your skincare brand.

Find Best Hashtags on TikTok Influencer Marketing

It’s best to utilize the mobile version if you’re looking for specific hashtags, user handles, or keywords. You can find what you’re looking for by going to the ‘Discover’ page and typing in the search box at the top. 

You can also search for #ad-tagged video content on TikTok to examine the platform’s sponsored content. You can use this strategy to find related content from TikTok influencers. You can use them for your TikTok marketing plan if they are the right influencers for you.

Check other Social Media Platforms to Find Influencers 

Last but not least, double-check other social media networks like Instagram and Youtube for the perfect TikTok Influencer. Many influencers have a large following on multiple platforms. 

It means that if they’re famous on YouTube and Instagram, they’re probably popular on TikTok as well. Looking at their profiles on other platforms will help you determine whether or not this TikTok Influencer is right for you.

How to Contact TikTok Influencers

Now that you know how to find TikTok influencers, you might want to start cooperating with these individuals. After seeing them in search results, the easiest way is to get to an influencer’s page and tap on their profile. You can now get in touch with an influencer directly from their profile page and start a business partnership. 

However, keep in mind that in order to manually connect with influencers and start TikTok influencer marketing, you must first have a TikTok account and then know the Influencer TikTok name. There are tools available to make your job easier, such as those that assist you in locating TikTok Influencers. You can take advantage of them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some influencers are more well-known on Instagram than they are on other social media platforms. Influencers can be found and contacted using Instagram, a popular social media platform. If you do not know the influencers in your niche or can’t spend a lot of time searching for them, you can use tools that have been created specifically for this reason, like the Ainfluencer service.

Pro Tip: Ainfluencer helps you locate and collaborate with well-known Instagram Influencers in your field in order to improve traffic, leads, and sales. You will receive responses from hundreds of qualified influencers after posting your advertisement on the marketplace.

This tool enables you to specify the criteria for the influencers you’re looking for. That is, you can determine the niche, language, and even the location of the influencer you’d like to collaborate with. Then, the AI-powered tool will search for the best influencers that fit the criteria and your budget. 

So, try the Ainfluencer service now, thousands of marketers and brands already did!

Instagram VS TikTok Which One Is Better for Influencer Marketing

TikTok and Instagram are already making it easier for anyone to become content creators on social media platforms. These platforms are simply accessible and include features that make content creation a breeze.

According to statistics provided by the influencer marketing hub, Instagram is still the preferred social media platform for influencer marketing initiatives. Its popularity might have decreased a notch because of TikTok but IG still shines bright at the top of the list as the best influencer marketing platform!

Instagram’s popularity grew in 2021 despite its lower monthly active user count (1.3 billion) than Facebook, one of the most popular channels with 2.89 billion monthly active users. Brands increasingly chose Instagram as their preferred platform for influencer marketing efforts.

Instagram VS TikTok Which One Is Better for Influencer Marketing
Instagram VS TikTok Which One Is Better for Influencer Marketing: source

 Now that you know the significant role of Instagram in influencer marketing, you should dedicate more time and attention to it whether you’re an influencer or a brand! Yet, you don’t need to worry if you haven’t worked on your Instagram performance so far. We have the perfect answer for you!

How to Make Quick Progress on the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

AiGrow, an excellent Instagram management service, enables you to grow your followers organically! This platform offers incredible features including:

  • A reliable growth service for those who are tired of fake followers acquired by malicious bots,
  • An Instagram scheduler for those who care about posting during the best times, 
  • A mass DM tool 
  • A bio-link feature for those who want to share multiple links on their IG,
  • A user-friendly giveaway picker,

and more! 

AiGrow, an excellent Instagram management service
AiGrow, an excellent Instagram management service

But having these features in one dashboard is not even the best part! The best advantage of using AiGrow is that a human manager will be in charge of managing your account and taking action. 

That is, you are not leaving your precious Instagram growth to a malicious automation tool. But, you will leave it in the hands of a professional team of social media managers who will address your concerns, consider your priorities, and plan the strategies according to your needs!

This tool ensures that you reach instant success. No matter if you’re an influencer or a business owner, AiGrow is a viable, economical option for all!

Start your journey on AiGrow right now!

FAQs On TikTok Influencer Marketing

While we attempted to cover all of the aspects of influencer marketing on TikTok, there may still be some difficulties that need to be addressed. In this section, we clarified some of the most often asked questions, which may or may not be the same as yours.

1- How to Get Ahold of TikTok?

If you’re having problems using TikTok, or if your account has been blocked and you’d like to get it back or have another problem, you can use the ways listed below to contact the TikTok company.

  • Report a problem on the TikTok app: Go to your TikTok profile. Tap the three dots on your TikTok profile. Scroll down to the ‘Support’ header on the settings and privacy page. On the ‘Support’ header, tap and report your problem.
  • Use the TikTok feedback form: There is a contact form on TikTok where you may describe your issue or provide feedback. To go to the TikTok contact form, you can click here.
  • You can Email TikTok: There are several email addresses that you can search and find to get ahold of TikTok, some of them are: 
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]

2- What Is the Difference Between Sponsored Posts and Affiliate Marketing Posts?

Sponsored posts are those in which a particular brand has provided financial support. To be transparent with your followers, you must include a hashtag, such as the #ad or #sponsored.

While in affiliate marketing posts, influencers can earn commissions by sharing links. Influencers can earn money by partnering with brands and pushing things via several posts or links. Additionally, creators can put affiliate links in their profiles and earn a commission when their followers click on their links.

3- How Much do TikTok Influencers Make?

Influencers that are well-known on TikTok can earn between $500 and $20,000 for every video they share for TikTok influencer marketing, depending on the brand promotion and follower interaction. If you amass many followers, you can be sure that brands will approach you. Or You can approach brands with a collaboration proposal.

Use the TikTok money calculator on the influencer marketing hub to get an idea of your potential profits if you already have an account.

After following the suggestions above, you can utilize TikTok influencer marketing tools to examine and identify the right TikTok Influencers. 

Last Thought on TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok is a top-rated app among teenagers(Gen Zs). People between the ages of 16 and 24 make up the bulk of TikTok’s user base. They account for 41% of all users. So, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you’d better consider collaborating with TikTok influencers. So, TikTok influencer marketing is a great way to raise your brand awareness.