Top 10 TikTok Influencers for Your Brand

Top TikTok Influencers

One billion people have downloaded TikTok recently, making it the most popular video-sharing app on the market. Do you know that TikTok influencers can assist you in advertising on TikTok and growing your brand? User-generated content on social media helps companies expand their respective brands, which is beneficial to both parties.

If you have never used digital marketing methods before, now is the moment for you and your company to update your marketing strategy in order to continue to grow. On this path, using TikTok or apps like TikTok is a great way to grow your brand awareness. 

To begin, you must become acquainted with famous TikTok influencers and make use of them to promote your brand. Here, we’ve gathered the top 10 TikTok stars to assist you. So, bear with us!

What Kind of TikTok Influencers Work Best for Your Brand

There are a variety of TikTok Influencers based on the number of followers they have, their niche, and their goals. Depending on the influencers’ size, niche, and goals, you can choose the perfect TikTok influencer type to work with.

The need to adopt fresh approaches for building your brand makes you get to know the kinds of different TikTok Influencers. And using that knowledge to run an advertising campaign with a creator that corresponds to your values will guarantee your success.

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TikTok Influencers Based on the Number of Followers

There are six commonly defined TikTok influencer types based on their following size: Nano, Micro, MID, Macro, Mega, and Celebrities. Nano influencers are those with 5K – 50K TikTok followers, the tiniest of the influencer categories.

Nano  TikTok influencers
Nano TikTok influencers

Working with nano influencers on TikTok may seem like a waste of time to you. But we should say that Nano influencers tend to specialize in a single area, restricting their potential audience. So, because their audience is so well-curated, these creators have the highest levels of engagement.

The next level of TikTok influencers, known as micro-influencer, have between 50K and 150K followers. Many small firms utilize micro TikTok influencers to ensure they get good results at a fair price. These influencers know how to go live on TikTok to introduce your products and drive engagement and sales for you, so micro-influencers are excellent viable options!

When an influencer has 2.5M+ followers on TikTok, they are considered mega creators. Although, MID, Macro, Mega, and Celebrities typically have a large variety of fans with diverse themes of interest. You would have to invest a higher budget in working with an influencer above the middle rank.

Using macro-influencers will undoubtedly bring much attention to your firm. But, as the audience is diverse, maybe not all of them will be interested in your content.

TikTok Influencers Based on Their Niche

Another way to classify TikTok influencers is to look at their specific areas of expertise. There are different types of niches like travel, beauty, fashion, parenting, etc. You can find top TikTok influencers based on your needs.

For example, TikTok fitness influencers might do well to partner with a fitness or sports equipment company or a nutrition-focused company. The second most popular type of influencers is bloggers and video bloggers. They are a viable business option for a wide range of ventures.

TikTok fitness influencers
TikTok fitness influencers

Photographers or videographers are other examples, mainly in the micro to mega categories. They attract a wide range of viewers from all around the world with their stunning video material. In addition, Travel influencers are good cases for partnering with travel agencies or hotels. 

Any cosmetic company’s ideal partner is a beauty influencer who can offer tips on makeup and skincare. In this respect, there are various TikTok fashion influencers to choose from, including those that specialize in apparel, jewelry, shoes, and other fashion-related items.

So many brands can benefit from working with this kind of influencer and go viral on TikTok. Parenting influencers are also here to assist. Because this particular type of influencer has a small but highly targeted audience, it makes sense to focus on them for children’s products, clothes, and even swimming accessories (e.g. life jackets or swim floaties for toddlers).

TikTok Influencers Based on Their Goals

Influencers of this sort can range in size from micro-influencers to well-known superstars, and they don’t need to have a large following or reach to be effective. They are people that believe in a goal or a brand and are willing to help you achieve it.

Such TikTok influencers are highly outspoken and adept at persuading others. They include thought leaders, journalists, activists, advocates, and loyalists.

TikTok Influencers Based on Their Goals
TikTok Influencers Based on Their Goals

We should expect new varieties to emerge as new modes of marketing emerge. While planning your TikTok influencer marketing strategy, use the categorization we’ve provided here to assist you in choosing the ideal partner.

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10 Different TikTok Influencers for Your Brand

There are several well-known TikTokers who have strong social media followings. Influencers that share Lip-syncing, dance, food, fashion, fitness, and skincare videos have all helped brands get famous on TikTok.

We’ve gathered the most well-known TikTok personalities and fellow content creators of different sizes and niches, who have amassed millions of followers and become household names on the app.

#1 TikTok Influencer: Charli D’Amelio

The Amelio family is possibly the most well-known TikTok family. The Amelio sisters are now the biggest TikTok stars having gained a massive following in a short time. It is safe to say that Charli is the most famous member of this family, with over 100 million faithful fans who watch her music and lifestyle videos. 

 Charli D’Amelio biggest TikTok star
Charli D’Amelio biggest TikTok star

She is known for publishing TikTok material connected to beauty and fashion and has contracts with some of the most well-known brands. If you ask ‘Who is the most famous influencer on TikTok? ‘ your answer is definitely Charli D’Amelio. She was perhaps the first to use TikTok as an influencer platform. 

She has maintained her following by creating entertaining material. To be true to herself and her 137 million followers, Charli has opted to keep up her TikTok work and upload TikTok content regularly. Even though she focuses on brand takeover videos, she also creates hilarious sketches and simple videos to popular tunes.

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#2 Male TikTok Influencers; Zach King

Zach King is one of the most famous male TikTok influencers, who started developing his influence from Vine. He continues to command the same degree of impact on TikTok, where he currently has 15.6 million fans. 

biggest TikTok stars;  Zach King
biggest TikTok stars; Zach King

Zach is one of the most innovative content providers on the platform, with most of his videos displaying digital magic tricks and comedy sketches.

#3 Addison Rae

One of TikTok’s queens, Addison Rae, is already a household name. It’s all about the beauty, fashion, and lip-syncing in her videos, which are fun to watch. In addition to her TikTok fame, Addison now has a substantial fan base on Instagram and YouTube. 

 One of TikTok's queens; Addison Rae
One of TikTok’s queens; Addison Rae

She also runs her own beauty product business, ‘Item Beauty.’ But she has also worked with L’Oréal and Reebok, two well-known names in the fashion and cosmetics industries. Addison Rae also does a weekly podcast with her mother. 

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#4 Noah Beck

Noah Beck, a TikTok star who rose to prominence almost overnight, is another TikTok influencer. As a former professional soccer player, he now makes his living as a full-time social media celebrity, posting mostly on sports and lifestyle, with an occasional prank or joke thrown in.

Noah Beck, a TikTok star
Noah Beck, a TikTok star

@noahbeck is a member of the Sway House collective and collaborates with a number of other well-known TikTok stars. He has also worked with several high-profile fashion labels and is known as a ‘brand-safe’ influencer.

#5 Niana Guerrero

Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero) is one of the Philippines’ most popular TikTok stars. Her dance videos and prank vlogs have made her a household name. Ranz and Niana is a dance duet formed by Niana and her brother Ranz Kyle, who appeared on Manila’s NYLON magazine cover. 

She’s worked with SOMI, a K-pop sensation, as well as Petron Corp. and HP Asia, among others. 

 one of the Philippines' most popular TikTok stars
one of the Philippines’ most popular TikTok stars

#6 Arishfa Khan: One of the Biggest TikTok Stars

India’s Arishfa Khan is both an actor and a social media influencer. She became well-known on TikTok as a result of the viral success of her dancing, fashion, and lip-sync videos. 

Arishfa Khan: One of the Biggest TikTok Stars
Arishfa Khan: One of the Biggest TikTok Stars

Khan is one of the most popular TikTok influencers, as well as one of India’s most popular superstars. In addition to being a writer, she’s a fashion blogger whose posts always get lots of attention.

#7 Chloe Rose

The UK’s official TikTok ambassador is this amazing actor and singer. On the platform, @chloeroseofcl posts videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing. Her signature colors are rose and pink, in keeping with her last name. 

In addition, she frequently employs pink as a background color in her videos. In addition to having 3.4 million followers on Facebook, she has 90.3k followers on Instagram.

TikTok influencers; Chloe Rose
TikTok influencers; Chloe Rose

#8 Chelsweets

She is one of the top TikTok stars when it comes to food! Chelsweets’ stunning confections are nearly unbeatable. Chelsey White, a famous baking blogger, has over 1.5 million TikTok followers and a further 1 million Instagram followers. 

For each cake she makes, she publishes a brief summary of the process on both sites, including a pride cake and a Black Lives Matter cake. On top of that, she provides step-by-step instructions on her website.

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 TikTok influencers;  Chelsweets
TikTok influencers; Chelsweets

#9 Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby is one of the most successful TikTok fitness influencers. In contrast to other fitness experts, Demi Bagby regularly publishes workout videos that the general public should refrain from attempting at home. Many people admire her parkour, stunts, and other incredible feats that few can duplicate. 

 TikTok fitness influencers;   Demi Bagby
TikTok fitness influencers; Demi Bagby

Demi has been endorsed by Sony Pictures and Gymshark and has managed to amass a following of 11.9 million.

#10 Xavier Brittany: One of the Greatest TikTok Influencers

Brittany Xavier is one of the Los Angeles-based TikTok fashion influencers with 2.6 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Her designs attract attention from people of all ages, illustrating that fashion is ageless. 

 TikTok fashion influencers;  Xavier Brittany
TikTok fashion influencers; Xavier Brittany

Aside from her looks, she has teamed up with a non-profit to help give healthcare personnel masks and other safety gear.

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FAQs on TikTok Influencers

There are a lot of queries concerning the most prominent TikTok influencers. Here we attempted to answer some of the most often asked questions on the subject.

1- How Much do TikTok Influencers Make?

The amount of money earned by a TikTok influencer might vary depending on the number of followers and the topic they specialize in. For example, Charli D’Amelio, the highest-paid TikTok influencer in 2022, has 135 million followers and earns over $17.5 million per year.

Addison Rae, another well-known TikTok Influencer, earns an estimated $8.5 million per year and is followed by 86 million people on the platform. Arishfa Khan, who we previously discussed, is believed to earn $24,000 per year and has a total following of 28 million people.

According to the data presented above, influencers can earn a remarkable income on TikTok and Instagram both. You can get an idea of how much money you could make before getting started with TikTok using the TikTok Money Calculator.

2- TikTok Vs. Instagram: Which Platform Is Best For Influencer Marketing?

While TikTok is a rapidly expanding creator network that offers the most interaction opportunities on social media. But, Instagram is the undisputed leader in influencer marketing, mainly owing to the platform’s long history and ability to facilitate social commerce.

On the other side, TikTok, in contrast to most social networking networks, gives more than just usual likes, comments, and shares. Creators offer a wide range of sharing possibilities, including (Stitches, Duets, Creating, storing, & reusing original audio and Challenges)

These engagement capabilities make it easier for influencers and brands to receive user-generated content (UGC) on their sponsored posts. So, we can say every business can choose the one based on their needs to get the best result.

3- How Can We Find Specific Influencers for Our Marketing Purpose?

There are a lot of tools on the internet for social media to help you find influencers. Using them is a great way to save your time and energy finding influencers in your niche.

Ainfluencer will fulfill all your needs if you’re interested in collaborating with Instagram influencers. It’s an excellent tool for influencers and businesses to connect and reach favorable results. What distinguishes this platform is that the AI-powered engine will look for influencers that suit your purposes. 

That is, you get to specify your criteria, including the influencer’s niche, location, language, or your budget, and Ainfluencer will provide a list of influencers that fit the criteria.

With this excellent service, you can conveniently find Instagram Influencers for your brand and niche to increase traffic, leads, and sales. 

Sign up on Ainfluencer right now to start your journey to a successful influencer marketing!

4- What Filters do Influencers Use on TikTok?

TikTok has various effects, filters, and editing tools. So, Knowing How to use TikTok filters requires a complete learning course! Especially when you want to make eye-catching videos to grow your career or business.

Green screen, Color customizer, and Inverted filters are the most used filters by influencers. We have discussed it before; if you want to use TikTok as a marketer, you need to know how to use effects and filters on TikTok. So read this article; it will help you make the most of TikTok filters.

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Best TikTok Influencers for Your Brand Summarized

In this post, we tried to gather top TikTok Influencers in different sizes, niches, and goals, but those are just a few examples. If you are looking for another type of influencer and want to find specific ones for your brand, you can use tools that help you find them.

The age, nationality, gender, and specialty of the TikTok influencers we introduced may vary. However, what they have in common is the ability to entertain, as evidenced by the size of their fan base in just a few years. If you ever need to collaborate with TikTok influencers or just looking for new people to follow on the site, this list may help you.

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