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Categories: Instagram

8 Weird Trends on Instagram and the Story Behind Them

Instagram is a big, big virtual world. Every week, Instagrammers witness a new trend that came up in the community. Even staying home due to the epidemic of coronavirus wouldn’t stop Instagram users from producing innovative content that goes viral. In this article, we’re going to see some of the most memorable and weird trends on Instagram.

Why are weird trends important on Instagram?

You may wonder why you should be aware of and pay attention to Instagram trends. Well, Instagram trends can help you to keep up with the latest important things that happen on the platform. Also, most of these trends are funny, and it’s always a good idea to bring some fun to your page.

People on Instagram make content go viral and trending every day. They also produce content based on that like weird fashion trends, weird beauty trends, weird makeup trends, or weird food trends. So, stay with us to see some of the weirdest trends and challenges on Instagram. Maybe you could make your own post using these trends, be a weirdo for a while, and have fun!

Here are 8 weird trends on Instagram:

so let’s get right into it and see why these trends have become so famous.

1- Bin Isolation Outing

Coronavirus is the number one news these days! It seems the more people are staying at home, the more home garbage is being produced. As stepping out of the home is dangerous these days, Australians has begun to wear superhero and Disney customs to wheel their trash to the curb. A purely heroic gesture these days!

A Facebook group called Bin Isolation Outing started this movement, and now they have more than a million members. If you want to make a post while making this dangerous journey, make sure you use #binisolationouting in your post!

2- Between art and quarantine

What is better than creating some art during your quarantine? After all, it’s both soothing and learning a new skill. However, “Between art and quarantine” weird trend is no ordinary art-making. With a little bit of creativity, you have to replicate famous artworks with the materials that you have in the house. Here is an example:

well, this can be fun for sure! If you want to turn your home or office to a museum and make one of these arts, don’t forget to use #betweenartandquarantine!

3- Mannequin challenge

Surely you would remember this Instagram weird video challenge. People would play the song “Black Beatles” in the background, and then they would freeze!  Soon, it became a worldwide phenomenon! Even celebrities participate in this trend:

4- Mugshot Challenge

People get so bored at the homes these days that they start to feel they are in prison! So, why not take a mugshot? Mugshot challenge started on TikTok and then Instagram. You can do some makeup to really look like a criminal!

5- Quarantine Pillow Challenge

Here is another quarantine trend! Can’t go out to buy new clothes and hate online shopping? Or maybe your favorite fashion show got canceled due to the COVID-19? Well, don’t worry; pillows are the latest fashion right now! To participate in this weird fashion trend, all you must have is a pillow and a belt! Now, use your imagination and creativity!

6- Instagram egg

This is the world’s most well-known egg. The Instagram egg became a worldwide trend when someone thought it is fun to build a page with only a picture of an egg on it and ask people to like it until it breaks the Kylie Janner’s record of likes. And guess what; it worked! With more than 54.3 million likes, this egg holds the highest likes for a post in the history of Instagram.

7- Halo Brows

The other item on our list is a weird fashion trend: Halo brows. The whole point of having halo brows, as its name indicates, is to give the face an angelic look. Well, you can see the result!

8. Fake Picnic

This trend is a bit different from other trends. Normally #fakepicnic is commented to object the owner of the account that he/she is faking it. Or someone who reposts a feed for the same purpose.

Instagrammers also, hashtag fake picnic to inform followers that this is a fake picnic.

How to find and upload trending content on Instagram?

If you want to keep up with the latest trends on Instagram and maybe upload some of them yourself, stay with us to show you the best tool: AiSchedul.

AiSchedul is a great tool to find trending content on Instagram. It offers several different tools so you can find viral and trending images and videos in the easiest way. For example, with AiSchedul’s feature called “Hashtag monitoring,” you can add any hashtag that you find exciting and track all the posts that get published using these hashtags.

Also, you can monitor accounts that share trending contents regularly by adding them to the “Account monitoring.”

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Final words on weird trends on Instagram

Instagram can be a really strange place! After all, it has more than one billion active monthly users from all over the world with different characteristics. So, it’s not that weird to find weird trends in this virtual world!