Trends on Instagram in 2023

Trends on Instagram in 2023

Every year interesting proposals are generated for social networks. In this opportunity, we will be talking about the trends on Instagram 2023. Unlike other years, they are focused on authentic, organic, conscious, organized, and close to the public content this year.

Cheer up and put these trends into practice in your Instagram account and start growing your followers and seeing positive results in your stats.

Top Trends on Instagram 2023

As we mentioned before, a great way to expand your Instagram presence and gain new followers is to follow popular trends.

Learn the top eight trends on Instagram, how to apply them, and what results they offer.

#1 Betting on Authenticity

Instagram users are betting on authenticity, leaving filters aside and being real in front of their followers. Therefore, they tend to empathize with those accounts that focus on having natural and spontaneous content.

This trend on Instagram is not limited to individuals and content creators; it also includes brands and businesses.

#2 Displaying and Selling Products on the Platform

Promoting and selling products is a star trend on Instagram. Therefore, it is constantly growing and being applied by different brands. The platform allows you to showcase your products through publications, videos, live broadcasts, and stories.

Similarly, it has a section that works as a digital store. There you can publish images and videos of your products, a small description, and the cost. Through the store, they can add your products to their shopping bag or go to your website to make the payment and purchase the product.

They can also share the products with their friends and family through direct messages. Make sure to have a clear understanding of Instagram algorithm when promoting your products.

#3 Increased Use of User-Generated Content

One of the trends that remains in force on Instagram is the use of user-generated content. Employing content your followers create about your brand and its products.

Share the reviews, comments, stories, testimonials, and ratings they make about your products. As they are tests made by customers, followers will have a true and real review about the quality of each item.

This will encourage users interested in your products to trust that they are equal to what is published and increase their interest in purchasing them.

#4 Closer Relationship With Followers

Continuing with authenticity and the effects of this trend on Instagram, we find the establishment of close relationships with followers, which applies not only to individuals but also to businesses like a B2B company or a law essay writing service. It is not enough to have loyalty between the brand and consumers through the content you publish.

Pay attention to the comments and direct messages you receive. This way you can interact with them about your social network account. You can also add question stickers in your stories or live broadcasts where your followers can interact with your account in real-time.

#5 Short Videos

Videos are a fundamental part of the content you post on Instagram. Although you can post videos to the length of your preference in your feed or Instagram TV section, short videos are one of the well-known trends on Instagram.

Reels are perfect for promoting your brand’s products, in a format that extends up to 90 seconds.

In these videos you can show the items in your inventory, how they are used, the reasons why they should buy them and other content that will convince your followers to buy.

The positive side of joining the trend of short videos is that their production is quick, does not represent a great expense for your company, and attracts a larger audience to your account.

#6 Messages of Conscious Use of the Networks

Instagram users value the conscious use of social networks and promote a message of their moderate use.

Wait! This doesn’t mean that you slow down your product and service promotion campaigns. Continue posting your regular content, adding a social impact section.

In that section you can disseminate tips for the proper use and exploitation of social networks to avoid the addictions that come with their excessive use.

This type of content will help your brand gain respect, loyalty, and acceptance from new users interested in your products.

#7 Avoid Promotional Fatigue

Instagram users are tired of just looking at store promotions and discounts, so one of the most relevant trends on Instagram is avoiding promotional fatigue.

While it is good to know the offers of the brands they follow, users want to enjoy useful content. It is advisable to alternate the content where you show the products with publications containing their features and tips on how to use them in everyday life.

You can also set dates for product launches and offers. This will help you organize the promotion strategy, while still publishing content of interest to your followers.

#8 Instagram Collabs

To close, one of the latest trends on Instagram for 2023 is Instagram Collabs.

This feature allows you to share a publication in the feed, signaling the collaboration between two social network users. It is useful to promote your products through a content creator.

Content creators make posts or videos about your products, allowing you to impact your audience and gain new followers. Similarly, content creators will have the ability to engage new users interested in your content.

What Is the Future of Instagram in 2023?

The future of Instagram in 2023 holds benefits for brands. The application launches functionalities that allow better promotion of their products and services.

For its part, authenticity, and closeness with followers are fundamental to growth on this platform.


To sum up, the trends on Instagram in 2023 emphasize authenticity, genuine engagement, and purpose-driven content. These trends highlight the importance of personal connections, user-generated content, and responsible social media usage. 

Short videos and collaborations with content creators offer impactful ways to connect with audiences while avoiding promotional fatigue. Instagram’s trajectory in 2023 highlights the need for brands to adapt to these trends, leveraging them for growth and success. This year’s focus underscores the platform’s evolution towards more meaningful interactions and its users’ desire for authentic, valuable content.