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Categories: Instagram Marketing

Gaming Influencers on Instagram: Where the Game Is Not Over


When it comes to gaming, YouTube and Twitch seem to be the best platforms for influencers. However, due to its increasing popularity among younger generations, especially Gen Z, Instagram is becoming one of the leading platforms for gamers to reach new audiences. Instagram’s various features, such as Story and link in bio, led to micro-influencers’ rise in every niche and industry. In this article, I will talk about the gaming influencers on Instagram and how they can make the most of this platform. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

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The Benefits of Instagram for Gaming Influencers

Because of the nature of games, it’s no surprise that YouTube and Twitch are the primary platforms for gamers to be active. Gaming influencers publish long how-to videos and live streams using these platforms. So, what’s in using Instagram as another platform for gamers?

1- Instagram Is the Most Popular Platform for Influencer Marketing

Being a highly visual-centric platform, Instagram paved the way for many businesses and niches to grow on the platform, and the gaming industry is not an exception. There are many Instagram gaming communities on the platform, and some users even became gaming ambassadors on Instagram.

The growth of influencer marketing on Instagram is amazing; based on a study by eMarketer, Instagram is the most popular platform of choice for social influencers worldwide. 

Primary social media platform for influencers

When all the online world’s eyes are on Instagram, can you ignore it as a super-powerful promoting platform?

2- Instagram Helps Gaming Influencers Find New Audiences

Those who are avid gamers already know where to follow their favorite gaming influencer. But what about other more extensive groups of game lovers? Instagram now has over one billion active users, and it continues to grow every day, making it a paradise to discover new topics such as games!

3- Instagram Offers Great Tools for Gaming Influencers

Instagram has developed so many new features in recent years, and many of them can come in handy for gaming influencers. Now, gaming influencers can upload long videos using IGTV or even stream using Instagram Live to share their followers’ gaming moments.

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Also, with the Instagram shop, gaming influencers can sell their marches directly. Instagram allows them to promote their affiliate links by adding external links on Instagram Stories and Link in Bio features. 

Using these opportunities, it’s not that difficult to even become an Instagram gaming micro-influencers! 

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What Does It Mean to Be a Gaming Influencer on Instagram?

A gaming influencer on Instagram is a user who continually publishes content about games and the gaming industry and has an impressive number of followers. He or she might be specialized in a particular gaming niche; for example, he or she might be a retro gaming influencer or a FIFA influencer.

Major game companies partner up with gaming influencers on Instagram for various reasons such as running brand awareness campaigns, launching new products, start a user-generated content campaign, or increasing their sales. Gaming influencers also create videos of themselves playing a game that can be entertaining and educating for game freaks! 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be a Gaming Influencer on Instagram?

You need at least 1,000 followers to be considered as a gaming influencer on Instagram. Don’t worry if your followers’ number is not that high. Actually, nano-influencers (1K-5K followers) and micro-influencers (5K-10K followers) tend to develop more engagement. As a result of this, they generate higher ROI, which makes them so attractive for major companies.

Like Follower Benchmarks by Account Size


How do You Grow on Instagram as a Gaming Influencer?

Want to become a gaming influencer on Instagram? You can read our complete guide on Instagram micro-influencers, which strongly helps you take the first steps. The following Instagram tips are useful, especially for gaming influencers: 

1- Link Your Instagram to other Social Media

One of the best things you can do to promote your career as a gaming influencer on Instagram is to cross-promote your social media channels. You can add your Instagram link to your other social media bio or vice versa. Unfortunately, Instagram only allows you to add a single clickable link to your bio and many influencers choose to only add their YouTube link to the Instagram bio.

Well, what if you also want to add your Twitch or Twitter?

Don’t worry; I know exactly a way to cross this limitation: MyURLs.Bio

MyURLs.Bio is an excellent Instagram service that has features such as an all-in-one link bio. With this tool, you can add unlimited external links to your bio and even add hotlinks to each post and story!

Here’s a sample of landing pages built by MyURLs.Bio:

MyURLs in Bio

As you can see, you can link all of your social media channels here using the widgets. To use this amazing tool, just sign up for MyURLs.Bio and don’t forget that it’s all free!

Another great thing that you can do using this tool is to share YouTube videos on Instagram posts! 

Keep reading to find out about other ways MyURLs.Bio can help you to become a great gaming influencer on Instagram.

2- Use Instagram Growth Packages

Having dedicated and engaged Instagram followers is one of the major keys to being a successful influencer. But not all the followers are equal; that’s why you need to focus on gaining real followers organically to make your follower list richer. 

One of the best and easy ways to do this is by using Instagram growth services. These services act as your virtual assistants and take over your Instagram activities in a safe way. The good news is using MyURLs.Bio, you can access these packages. When you sign up, go to your dashboard and click on the “Growth Organic” tab to see the packages. 

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Final Thoughts

If you wish to make a name in the world of gaming influencers on Instagram, you’d better do your best to be heard and seen on the platform. Use the tips that I mentioned in this post, and don’t forget to get help from professionals such as MyURLs.com to boost your engagement.