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Categories: Instagram Growth

Losing Instagram Followers for No Reason? Try This Tool


Growing is not linear! You may have heard this sentence before, but what does it mean when it comes to social media? If you are losing Instagram followers for no reason, you are not alone, that is one of the most natural parts of your account growth. However, this can be simply reduced if you take a few measurements and in this article, we are going to provide you with simple but important tips to maintain your popularity on Instagram. So stay tuned.

Why Are you Losing Instagram Followers?

In this section, we are going to indicate a few common reasons for losing Instagram followers. To know the problem is half of the solution itself. So keep reading.

#1 You are Posting Irregularly

Have you ever heard that you need to post regularly in order to get followers? But why is that? Instagram has recently updated its algorithm so that you may still watch posts from three days ago, however, this visibility time used to be shorter before. There is no formula for your post scheduling, your schedule depends on your ability and your followers’ needs. 

Research on IG’s new algorithm has shown that although there is no necessity to post a particular number a day, It is really important to do this regularly. So choose your schedule carefully based on your ability to remain consistent and it’s also recommended to consider your follower numbers. For instance, accounts with more followers are able to post more often, but there is a low chance that all of your posts are seen if you post too much with limited audiences.

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#2 Sharing Too Many Ads Reduces Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social community and not a shopping mall. So if you are posting frequently about your products without an acceptable appearance, there is a big chance that you lose followers so fast. Try to pay attention to your content as well as your products, running an Instagram business is a lot more complicated than owning a local business. Try to write about interesting aspects of your job as well as advertising.

#3 You are Not using Good Enough Hashtags

What really brings followers to your account, is your usage of hashtags. Try to use hashtags wisely as you have a limited but enough number of hashtags allowed per post. If you add irrelevant hashtags or unpopular ones there is a great chance that you don’t appear on people’s explores. Search for hashtags before you add them and watch them carefully. We all lose followers for different reasons, but using hashtags is one of the most important elements that help us maintain our growth rate even though people are unfollowing us.

Note: Watch this video to see how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram: 


#4 You Lose Followers Because of Lack of Engagement

If you don’t dedicate your time to answer people’s reactions and comments on your posts, they start thinking that you are mean or you are only there to sell your products and they start losing interest in your Instagram posts and that may be a cause to lose Instagram followers. 

Make sure to spend a few hours answering comments and using engaging story features.

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#5 Poor Theme Leads to Losing Instagram Followers

Your first impression, let’s say your feed’s theme, is one of the most significant factors that brings or repels followers. If your page is not designed properly, for example, you are using low-quality posts or an inconsistent pallet, it gives the follower a sense of untidiness and they will not be interested enough to read your posts. So make sure that your semblance is as good as your work! Keep it neat and minimal. 

AiGrow: Best App to Stop Losing Instagram Followers

Now that we have explained the different causes of losing Instagram followers, we are ready to give a solution to almost each of the above issues. Sometimes when we are dealing with an online business and consequently a great number of followers, it becomes hard to maintain our concentration and thus we lose the track of things. In this case, the best way is to get assistance from a highly efficient third party. In this section, we are going to talk about a great Instagram manager, AiGrow, which not only helps you with your account growth but also your account management. 

Stop Losing Instagram Followers with the Amazing Growth Feature

Now we are going to explain briefly how you can make your account grow using the Growth feature, the first step is to simply sign up to AiGrow which is completely free and provides you with its most amazing features.

  1. Sign up for free to AiGrow.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account
  3. On your Dashboard, click on the “Manage Account” button
  4. There you will find the Growth tab
  5. You will be provided with your growth analysis, hashtags and competitors
  6. Select your Category
  7. Click on the “start Growth” green button.

Growth tool

In the opened window, you can manage and analyze your different activities on Instagram. And at the bottom of the page, you will be provided with a few pro tips. Make sure to pay attention to those tips. A complete AiGrow review shows that your growth and followers are genuine and more efficient than do the whole thing manually.

Click the Start Growth button

Final Thoughts

There are occasions on which we may think that we are losing Instagram followers for no reason at all. Even though this experience is inevitable, there are always solutions to every problem. Using a third-party management assistant like AiGrow can help you a lot in your growth journey. So make sure to use it wisely and carefully.