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December 24, 2020

Are Instagram Growth Services Worth It?

By Tala

If you are managing a business account on Instagram and trying to appear in the list of top brand accounts or influencers in 2021, you have definitely heard about Instagram growth tools and services. But are they worth it? Is it safe to use an Instagram growth service? And what are the best Instagram growth services

In the following, I’m going to answer all these questions and help you come up with the best choice possible. So, let’s get started. 

Do Instagram Growth Services Really Work to Grow Your Following?

When searching for Instagram growth tools and services, you’ll find a vast number of websites that each offer different services. Additionally, each service has its own rationale behind the pricing strategies which makes it hard for you to choose one. But apart from all these confusing factors, there’s a question that makes you doubt using growth services: “Do Instagram growth services really work?”

Obviously, this is a question of the utmost importance and to answer it, you have to create a list of factors to check before purchasing an Instagram growth service. But what are these factors? Let’s see what properties should a perfect growth service have! 

1- Offering Real and Active Followers

The very first thing you must check while choosing an Instagram growth service is the type of followers. In the latest Instagram updates, the algorithm has improved by far and it has the ability to identify and stop spam accounts in a short period of time. For this reason, before anything, you have to make sure that your service of choice is offering real and active Instagram followers who will actively engage with your posts and stories. So, I recommend you to avoid using services like Famoid to prevent your account from being suspended. 

2- Attracting Your Target Audiences

Another important factor to check about your Instagram growth service is whether it has any strategies to attract your target audience or not! Undoubtedly, you try to grow your Instagram account in order to get more sales, become an influencer, or expand your visibility on Instagram. In this regard and due to the Instagram algorithm, you must get followers that are deeply into your business or blog category and are willing to interact with your posts. So, services that are offering random followers must be definitely out of your shortlist. 

3- Not Focusing on Followers Exclusively

And finally, as mentioned by professional Instagram marketers, a perfect Instagram growth service is the one that offers a complete package of tools and services. For instance, it must help you with: 

By the way, finding a growth service that offers all these tools and even more at a reasonable price may take a great deal of time. So, we decided to introduce the best organic Instagram growth service in the following. 

AiGrow: Best Organic Instagram Growth Service to Use in 2021

One of the best services you can use to grow organically on Instagram is AiGrow. This platform is a complete package of Instagram tools and services helping you with all your considerations. 

AiGrow Features

Using it, not only you get access to a professional Instagram management service, but also you hire a seasoned Instagram account manager. Hence, you’ll have the opportunity to get advice from an Instagram expert and know exactly what, when, and how frequently to post and get reak and instant results on Instagram. So, sign up for free right now and make sure to read the AiGrow review to know more about the features. 

FAQs About Instagram Growth Services

Do you still have any questions about growth tools and services? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about such services. So, take a look at them and maybe find a solution to one of your considerations. 🙂

1- Are Instagram Growth Services Legal to Use?

Well, Instagram growth services are not illegal to use. However, they are against the Instagram term of use. The reason is that using some of these services, you have to share your username and password with someone else and in this case, Instagram doesn’t help you get your account back in case of any suspicious activities. 

Additionally, some of these services use bots to grow your account. And you must know that Instagram bots are illegal to use. Therefore, make sure that the third-party service you are using is totally safe and is not using bots or fake followers to help you grow.  

2- Instagram Courses vs. Growth Tools: Which One is Worth it?

Some people prefer to take courses that give step-by-step processes needed to grow and start growing their accounts on their own. Obviously, this is a great idea and doesn’t put your account at any risks at all. However, there are two drawbacks: 

  1. You may get confused by the thousands of courses you’ll find on the internet. Plus, there aren’t any guarantees that after taking the courses you will reach the desired result.
  2. It may take a great deal of time to attend courses and follow the mentioned steps to grow.

So, if you are looking for instant results, growth services are better choices by far. 

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3- Can I Start My Own Instagram Growth Service?

The short answer is YES. But you must know that starting a trusted growth service is not an easy task to do. You need to: 

  • Create a website,
  • Expand your knowledge about Instagram marketing strategies,
  • Advertise your services,
  • Compete with branded growth services,
  • Build trust,

And more. So, if you are planning to achieve this goal, you must work on it for at least 6 months and don’t give up before 2 years of work. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, an Instagram growth service that brings you real and active followers is definitely worth it. However, check all 3 main factors mentioned in this article before purchasing a plan. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment.

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