Instagram Growth Hacking App in 2022

Best Instagram Growth Hacking Apps

Do you want to market your business on Instagram? You want to increase your Instagram followers, boost engagement, and grow all the other essential elements on your Instagram business account. But you don’t want to spend as much as your competitors? What should you do?

The purpose of this post is to share some Instagram growth hacking tips to help you accomplish your Instagram growth goals like gaining more targeted followers, maximizing your engagement rate, and increasing your profitability on the platform.

 However, if you do not have enough time to implement these Instagram growth hacks on your own, there is a service called AiGrow that will get your mind off your Instagram growth worries. If you are interested to know more about this incredible Instagram growth hacking app and its helpful features, keep reading this article.

What Is Growth Hacking or Growth Marketing Approach

According to Hubspot, growth marketing is an innovative strategy for developing your company and maximizing your content marketing activities through continuous testing across many marketing channels. If you need some examples of growth hacking to understand what differentiates it from traditional marketing, the video below shows the most cited growth hackers in recent years. 

Nowadays, there are new channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Printest, etc. In this article, we are going to talk about growth hacking Instagram. 

What Is Growth Hacking Instagram or Instagram Growth Hacking?

Instagram growth hacking or growth hacking Instagram is a rapid process that significantly increases your follower number, boosts your engagement, and creates influencing opportunities for you.

Also, if you have your own business, Instagram growth hacking can build your brand awareness campaign on one of the most popular social media platforms these days. 

The process of Instagram growth hacking can happen through anything including content, hashtag, comments, DMs, page design, shoutouts, scheduling posts, Stories, Lives, IG TVs, call-to-action buttons like polls, giveaways & contests, follow/unfollow method, interaction with competitors, etc.

Now, we know how crucial growth hacking is for your Instagram account. However, the question is how to bootstrap growth hacking Instagram with an effective and affordable method. Should you employ Instagram growth hackers? Or, is it possible to set up Instagram growth hacks yourself?

As we said before, basically, there are two ways to start your Instagram growth hacking. 

  1. Ask a professional Instagram growth hacker to help you. 
  2. Do Instagram growth hacking on your own. 

Let’s check them both!

#1. How to Find a Perfect Instagram Growth Hacker

Actually, finding a perfect Instagram growth hacker depends on your business and where you are standing among competitors. First of all, you should be aware of your marketing funnel. 

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

Your customer’s experience with you is represented in a marketing funnel. A customer’s journey begins when they hear about your business, which is the first stage, and ends when they make a purchase. 

Understand Your Marketing Funnel to Better Optimize Instagram

Bear in mind that if you have a company that has already passed the awareness stage, then Instagram should be viewed as a marketing tool. It should be part of the whole marketing funnel, not a stand-alone way to build your brand

But if you don’t get enough traffic, or if you don’t have enough people aware of your existence, that’s okay. Don’t worry. Lots of startups and fresh Instagrammers face this. In this case, you’d better find some growth hackers to solve your brand awareness issue first. 

First Build Your Instagram Sales Funnel

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to do Instagram growth hacking on your own or hire Instagram growth hackers to help you. You should have an Instagram sales funnel if you desire to make money from your Instagram.

Best Instagram Growth Hacking App

Now, you know what you want from your Instagram. It’s time to start growth hacking your Instagram. Fortunately, we have found an app called AiGrow with various growing plans. It means their growth hackers have whatever you need for your Instagram growth hacking. You can see some of their other packages below:

If you are interested and want to test this incredible Instagram growth hacking tool, you can sign up from here and Leave all your Instagram growth marketing strategies to their experienced team. 

If you want to try other alternatives, we recommend Zamupa. It’s a smart solution for growing your Instagram following. With AI-driven technology, Zamupa brings real followers to your profile, enhancing engagement and visibility. Choose from Lite or Pro plans, set your follower count, and watch your blog grow hassle-free.

I-Famous is another well-known Instagram growth service like Zamupa. It helps you find your target audience using your niche, followers, and competitors’ data. With advanced plans, a marketing professional ensures control. It takes 2 to 5 days to get followers, avoiding bans from quick surges. I-Famous provides genuine followers who engage with your content.

#2. How to Growth Hacking Instagram on Your Own

Instagram growth hacking involves the following steps:

  1. Pick a niche and know competitors in your niche
  2. Create a page design for your Instagram
  3. Discover your best time to post on Instagram and post everyday
  4. Be aware of Instagram daily limits and do not cross the line
  5. Don’t forget about hashtags
  6. Analyze your competitors and engage with their audience
  7. Host effective Instagram giveaways and contests
  8. Optimize your Instagram Bio 
  9. Have a Social calendar to not miss any International or Special days

Let’s check them one by one.

1. Pick a Niche and Stick to It

If you really want to grow your Instagram page, you should have a niche and stick to it. Basically, your niche means the type of content that you post. Not only your style but also what you are talking about. For example, imagine that you love nature and following a page that is always posting wonderful travel shots. But suddenly they start posting video game stuff. Then, what will you do? Did you expect that? Did you know that page for something else? Many times people will unfollow with the first irrelevant post. 

Therefore, that’s not necessarily a good thing. You should have a cohesive vibe for your page. This makes people know what to expect. If you just posting because you like it then don’t worry about this. But if you desire Instagram growth hacking to gain more and more followers to like rain down on you, then you have to start getting really specific on what you are posting on your Instagram account.

How Can Having a Niche Help You Grow?

First of all, if you have a specific niche, you can easily start collaborating with other Instagrammers and this is the number one way of growth hacking Instagram. Because when you are posting a type of content on Instagram, there are over 20 other Instagrammers for example, who are posting that. So, it’s very possible for their audience to like your content too. Now, this is where you can start collaboration to attract the target audience that will engage with your content as well. 

Another advantage of having a niche on Instagram is that it’s going to help you post consistently on Instagram. Because when you become an expert in a specific area, it will be much easier to post astonishing content. 

A lot of times you will grow faster if you niche down more and more. It means specific niches have a higher potential for growth hacking Instagram.

2. Have a Consistent Feed to Impress the Audience with Your Instagram Grid Layout

At first look, it seems that the Instagram grid layout is not very important because for many of us we will go to somebody’s page to see their grid only if we need to hit the message button.

But have you ever thought about converting your visitors into followers? Even for those who are coming to your page after receiving direct messages or when you are in their Instagram suggestion list!

Nowadays, many people use Instagram to search for their favorite businesses and brands. It means that your Instagram profile is now just like the homepage of your website. Your feed is the first thing users will notice when they visit your profile for the first time. Then, it’s very crucial you are making a good impression when a visitor lands on your feed. 

If you are interested in planning your Instagram grid, the video below will show you how to plan your Instagram grid using suitable apps. 

3. Choose the Right Time to Post 

Imagine that you have created perfect content. You’ve written a great caption for it and have spent so much time finding the best trending hashtags for it. You think it is a particular Instagram post that your audience will engage with it more than any others. Then, you hit the publish button without realizing the most crucial part.

Yeah! Unfortunately, you published your post at the wrong time and lots of your target audience missed your amazing post. 

So, if you want your followers to engage with your posts or to share them more and make them viral, then you have to know when they are online. And of course, that’s the right time to post on Instagram. Fortunately, there is an article on our blog which offers a step-by-step guide for deciding when to post on Instagram. Reading this study-supported article is recommended because it helps you find your vital time to post. 

4. Be Aware of Instagram Daily Limits 

Instagram has recently updated the number of actions that you can do such as follow, unfollow, likes, etc. So, if you want to start your Instagram growth hacking strategy, you have to know the platform limits and avoid doing something that makes Instagram block your actions. 

Bear in mind that Instagram limits are not hard and fast rules because nobody (outside of Instagram) knows what Instagram’s true limits are and how they are calculated. It all depends on different factors such as the number of your followers, the rate of your engagement, the age of your account, etc. 

The only obvious thing about Instagram’s limits is that if you want to have consistent growth on Instagram, you should know and beat all Instagram action limits. So, the limits that are mentioned in every article in this area are from their own personal experience or the experience of other Instagrammers. In other words, these are just stuff that is figured out through trial and error. 

5. Some Instagram Hashtag Hacks Really Help You Grow Faster

Many Instagrammers asked us, is there a way to beat the new Instagram algorithm by using a hashtag hack that not a lot of people are using? Or what hashtag hack can help you rapidly grow your following? 

As you know, using hashtags will build your following and social reach on Instagram by allowing strangers to find you. Then, hashtags play a key role in your Instagram visibility. 

Let’s explore some Instagram growth hacking secrets related to hashtags. 

  • It would be better if you use long-tail keywords or long-tail hashtags rather than generic hashtags that are oversaturated. For example, the hashtag #travel has 488M post results while #travelengland has only 64.7K post results. You want to use hashtags that will have you ranking higher in the search results. Then, in our experience, the sweet spot is between 15,000 post results and 250,000 post results.
  • Ranking in the top search results is going to rapidly grow your following as opposed to not using the hashtag strategy at all. Therefore, we always suggest finding very specific, very targeted, and relevant hashtags to rank higher on Instagram explore page
  • The next hashtag hack is posting all 20 or 28 hashtags as the first comment of your Instagram post before anybody else has a chance to comment. Doing this not only looks better but also has the exact same effect as if you were to cram all those hashtags into the actual post caption itself. But if you insist on having hashtags on your captions, you can use only 1 to 3 of the best ones.

Consequently, we really suggest spending some time on Instagram to do your research and find those sweet spot hashtags that are gonna have the biggest impact on your account. We want you to take those sweet spot hashtags and build lists, build groups of 28 that have variety, and different subject matter. 

If you’re posting about travel and maybe fitness you want to build separate lists. Now, copy and paste them into your notes, and paste them into some type of document on your phone. So, they’re readily available to you.

But if you don’t want to have to go back and copy and paste because it can kind of be tedious, you could create keyboard shortcuts on your phone. Then, your phone will be triggered to generate all of those hashtags based on a certain word or certain sequence of letters and numbers.

But if you don’t have time to do all of these processes for your hashtags, there is an easier way to optimize your hashtags. Yeah! Fortunately, there are good Instagram growth hacking apps out there that can do all of these things for you. In this case, we have the article Best Instagram Hashtag Apps for more Followers and Likes which will guide you through the best hashtag apps in the marketplace.

6. Analyze Your competitors and Engage with Their Audience

Competitors’ account analysis is another growth hack that is going to improve your Instagram marketing quality. Moreover, by looking into your competitors’ audiences, you will learn a lot about your target audience. Basically, this helps you what type of audience they have and what type of posts they are publishing. 

7. Conduct Instagram Giveaways Contest

Instagram competitions are a perfect way to encourage people to think about your company and raise your followers. Basically, it’s one of the best Instagram growth hacks. If you’ve ever worried about hosting an Instagram contest, here are some awesome ideas and suggestions for a good contest

First of all, when you are organizing or supporting some sort of event on Instagram, you have to obey those guidelines. Specifically for an Instagram competition, these guidelines are called contest rules. If you don’t know about them make sure to read our ultimate guide on Instagram contest rules

Secondly, If you’re looking to run an Instagram campaign or contest, you’re going to have to determine what type of contest to conduct, how it should function, and whether people will participate. Therefore, in this step, you have to pick your contest type. Here we are going to consider the two common ones:

Instagram Comment Contest

This is a common form of Instagram contest where you ask your fans to engage with your post by their comments. For instance, you might ask your audience to talk about their own experience or tell their own story, or even give their solutions. Then you choose the unique one as the winner. 

You can also ask them to tag a specific number of their friends in the comment box. Or set a hashtag that they must use in their comment to win. 

Instagram Content Contest

Another type of Instagram contest is an Instagram content contest or Instagram post-contest. In this type of contest, your fans should tag you in their posts on Instagram or use a specific hashtag for their own Instagram content. Then you will select the winners and repost their content on your Feed. 

Bear in mind that their rewards can be anything valuable. So, it’s up to you!

Best Tool to Manage Instagram Giveaway Contests

If you want to run an Instagram giveaway contest on your own, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. For example, finding the best time to post, posting on multiple accounts, looking for the best hashtags to post, writing your hashtags in the first comment, deleting your contest after a while, managing and replying to all DMs, and lots of other things like these. 

If you want to automate your giveaway contest on Instagram there is a perfect tool that can do all of these for you and manage your contest in the right way. This tool is called AiGrow. It is one of the top Instagram giveaway pickers that will help you to boost your account’s engagement rate and increase your brand awareness. If you want to know more about it, the video can teach you how to go through your first Instagram contest in the right way. 

8. Optimize Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is your identity on Instagram. It’s the first thing that people will judge you with that. And as you might hear many say that you have only three seconds to get visitors to keep going through your content. So, the first impression is your last impression. In this case, your bio can play a key role in converting a profile viewer to an active follower. 

Moreover, if you optimized your Instagram bio considering SEO, your visitors will significantly increase through typical googling. And with a catchy Instagram bio, of course, more visitors equals more followers. 

Ultimately, there are 5 main bio hacks for Instagram growth hacking. We are going to briefly outline them below: 

5 Instagram Bio Hacks

  1. Share links in the bio
  2. Use relevant searchable keywords in your bio
  3. Have line breaks in your bio
  4. Use appropriate Instagram bio alignment
  5. Specialize your Instagram bio characters 

9. Publish Instagram Content on Specials Days Using The Event Hashtags

It doesn’t matter whether it’s International Nurse Day, Star Wars Day, Golf Day, Mother’s Day,  or even No Socks Day. Almost every day on the Internet seems to be a holiday. So, this constant affluence of special days creates a great opportunity for those who don’t have enough content to publish on their Instagram account. 

Moreover, some of these holidays might be even new to you, the one who is posting that content and greeting that event. Therefore, this is an excellent Instagram growth hack to boost your Instagram engagement and attract lots of new followers. There are some apps and services like AiGrow or Aischedule that provide you with a great and complete social media calendar to help you not to miss any global events. 

FAQs on Instagram Growth Hacks

Are you ready to explore some frequently asked questions on Instagram growth hacking together? Let’s get started then. 

Q1. How to Hack Instagram Followers Without Following? 

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram followers organically is to use an efficient Instagram growth service like AiGrow

Using its advanced AI technology and highly professional account managers, AiGrow will provide you with high-quality and targeted followers instantly. Additionally, AiGrow will offer many helpful tools and features to boost your Instagram marketing campaigns.  

Sign up on AiGrow right now and see its guaranteed results. 

Q2. What Is the Purpose of Instagram Growth Hackers?

An Instagram growth hacker will come up with a strategic plan backed by sufficient funding and the right technology. With the help of your Instagram growth hacker, you can acquire targeted, active followers and convert them into customers.

Additionally, a professional Instagram growth hacker will supply you with detailed analytical reports, providing you with a competitive edge on the market.

A growth hacker will prepare a list of your top competitors and will constantly monitor their content and Instagram growth strategies to find out what drives their brand engagement. 

That is not all. Your Instagram growth hacker will help you with content and marketing strategies and help you spend your resources more efficiently. 

If you do not know where to choose your professional Instagram growth hackers, click here. At AiGrow, you’ll have a dedicated Instagram account manager who focuses on just one thing: growing your Instagram account organically and safely.

Sign up and schedule a meeting with your Instagram growth manager now.

Conclusion On Instagram Growth Hacking 

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. So,  learning the secrets of Instagram growth hacking is a great way to gain online visibility and stay ahead of your competitors on the platform.  

Growth hacking Instagram means growing your Instagram account and boosting your engagement by optimizing your bio, running ads, creating catchy designs, utilizing appropriate hashtags, tracking competitors, and many other  Instagram growth hacks and tips that we outlined above.

 Additionally, we introduced you to AiGrow, the top Instagram growth hacking app that has several upgrade plans. You can take your Instagram growth to higher levels by trying it now.

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