Growthsilo Exposed: A Complete Review in 2022

Growthsilo Review

These days more than ever, your business prosperity and successful marketing depend on how successful you are on Instagram. That is, the better you interact with your IG followers, the more customers you will get. It is for this reason that almost every brand desires more followers, an increased engagement rate, and more loyal online customers! In this atmosphere, many growth services, including Growthsilo, began to build a reputation for themselves.

In this article, we are about to learn how much we can count on a platform like Growthsilo, or Growth silo as some may call it, as an Instagram growth service. We will also introduce the best option for promoting IG accounts.

If they are, we’re left with one big question! With this variety of ‘allegedly’ safe Instagram growth services at our fingertips, how can we choose which one performs best?!

Well, lucky for you, we provide Instagram growth service reviews to help you make an informed decision! And now it’s time to discuss all points regarding our own experience with Growthsilo and its best alternative AiGrow.

So, let’s get started with this Growthsilo review, shall we?!

What Is Growthsilo


Growthsilo is an Instagram growth service claiming it can provide you with real followers and engagement. Not only that, but also they say their staff care about their customers and feel responsible for replying to their needs after 24 hours of signing up. 

Much to our surprise, Growthsilo also promises to not use any kind of automation tools like bots. Thus, they promise targeted growth and zero automation on Instagram! As for their services, they offer two types of plans: ‘launch’ and ‘accelerate’ services, whose features are explained much more explicitly in the following section. 

⚠️A Word of Caution: Currently, the Growthsilo website is broken. So you can’t access their services or even their customer support team. How can they claim to offer you the best Instagram growth service when they are unable to maintain their official website’s functionality? It is another indication that they are unreliable, and you should stay well away from them. 

The website is not working.
The Website

Growthsilo Features

 Besides promising the users to attract more IG followers with real engagement and a quick-responsive team to go and send emails to, you may notice some other features.

The mutual aspect of ‘launch’ and ‘accelerate’ services are:

Speeding Up Instagram Growth 

As mentioned in this Growthsilo review, this tool is supposed to help Instagrammers attract their target audience on IG. So, this app targets a definite number of people for you to reach out to via your IG account. Based on the service you choose, the number of targeted audiences differ. 

If you select their launch service, they promise you a ‘moderate growth speed’ and 10 people to target. On the other hand, the accelerated service is supposed to give you a  ‘maximum growth speed’ and target up to 60 people.

An Account Manager

The account manager is supposed to manually handle your Instagram growth. Of course, the more you pay for your purchase, the better the service of your manager seems to be. Because for the launch service, you just get to have an account manager, but for accelerate service, as written on their website, you’ll allegedly get a dedicated account manager.

14-Day Guarantee

In case you don’t like your Instagram growth service, you may allegedly cancel it and get a refund. But do they really cancel your service when you’re not satisfied with it?

The  ‘accelerate’ plan would also provide additional services like: 

VIP Email Support 

They claim they support you by email contact. Thus, if you have any questions regarding your account growth or if you get dissatisfied with their services, they claim they will answer your questions by email as soon as possible.

Location Targeting

You get to choose what locations work best for you to target, and they claim to listen to your preference of location targeting.

Gender Filtering

Your targeted audience might be just one gender. Growth silo promises to gain followers that you have in mind, whether they are women or men.


A blacklist helps you distinguish between your active, engaged followers and your inactive, ghost followers you’d like to remove and unfollow. This Instagram followers service claims to do this task for you. In this sense, Growth Silo serves the function of an Instagram unfollow app!

Growthsilo Pricing

As We mentioned in the first part of the article, Growthsilo offers launch and accelerate services. Take note that these are monthly subscription services. It seems that the ‘launch’ plan is much less advantageous than the ‘accelerate’ one.

Let’s look at their pricing to see why!

1- Launch Plan

Growthsilo pricing
The Launch Plan on Growthsilo

The launch plan costs 49 dollars per month with fewer services mentioned below.

  • Moderate growth speed
  • Account manager
  • Ten targets
  • 14-day guarantee

2- Accelerate Plan 

Growthsilo price
Growthsilo’s Accelerate Plan

Whereas the launch plan costs 49 dollars, the ‘accelerate’ plan costs you about twice as much. You have to pay $99 just to receive a somehow satisfying service!

Here is a list of the services offered in their ‘accelerate’ plan:

  • Maximum growth speed
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • 60 targets
  • 14-day guarantee
  • VIP email support
  • Location Targeting
  • Gender Filtering
  • Blacklist

Growthsilo Login: How Does Growthsilo Work

The Growthilo login process is not complicated. 

  • First, you should go to their official website at (which is currently down!)
  • Choose a service
  • Enter your username and email address
  • Pay the due price
  • Give all the necessary instructions you have in mind for your supposed target audience.

Growthsilo Review: Pros & Cons

First, let’s see the seemingly satisfactory aspects of using Growthsilo services.

  • As they themselves claim, they don’t use Instagram bots to gain followers because this can totally ruin one’s efforts to promote their account. Bots usually exceed Instagram’s daily limits of engagement with users, and this way, Instagram would definitely prevent you from doing specific activities.
  • They also maintain that a dedicated account manager would employ all the methods needed for improving your account.
  • You must contact your account manager and answer a few questions they ask you. They promise to help you interact with the right people, the ones who seem to be interested in your field of activity. 
  • They also offer a discount for users who have more accounts to handle.

But, even if we only look at the surface, we can easily find negative aspects as well. Now, let’s review its negative points:

  • There is the option ‘Start My Free Trial’ on their website, and when you click on it, you get directed to a new page for buying different packages. Surprisingly, there is NO free trial! As it lacks this, it is another reason why we can’t guarantee Growthilo is legit.  
  • No promise of instant Instagram growth is another quite negative aspect of Growthsilo. Who knows? You might never get the desired result.
  • There are many negative Growthsilo reviews on Trustpilot. Lots of Growthilo reviews reported that the service is a scam. 
  • The official website of the company is currently down.  As a result, neither their customer service representatives nor their services are available to you.
  • Using the tool, some clients received fake followers. 

Considering you still have reservations about whether Growthsilo works for you or not, reading the Growthsilo reviews in the following section is essential.

Is Growthsilo Legit

According to The Small Business blog, Growthsilo is a legit platform with a responsive staff, but WE are not really sure! They claim they have provided information about their employees on their website to make trust-building rather a simple procedure. But if you want to make sure this is true or just a fantasy, you’d better read these Growthsilo reviews before taking any action.

Growthsilo Reviews

Now let’s take a look at Growthsilo reviews to see how much we can trust this Instagram growth tool to upgrade our IG accounts.

#1 Growthsilo Uses A Bot Instead Of An Account Manager 

Growth silo promises to manage your IG account by introducing you to a personally committed manager.

They claim they start working on your account within 24 hours and assign an account manager to handle your Instagram growth, but they actually don’t. The email you receive after signing up is clearly a bot response. Because it gives the same exact answers to different people, and all you hear is the name of Angel!

Can you believe there is a personal account manager for every client while all managers are called Angel and reply to your emails the same way?

After you face such an odd response, you can be sure that they are in fact using bots. But are Instagram bots safe to use in the first place? If you ask us, we can only say that they’re risky and not worth your time or effort.

Growthsilo Review on Trustpilot
Growthsilo Review On Trustpilot

#2 They Ignore Clients’ Needs And Messages 

Unfortunately, some people say they didn’t receive any service or didn’t get their service activated even days after checkout. And since Growth Silo offers no particular tool for communication, clients have every right to be concerned about the slightest delays! 

A concerned and dissatisfied customer has complained that even if you find a way to contact the Growth Silo team, they don’t answer your emails or contact forms on their website.

growthsilo Review
Growthsilo Review

#3 Growthsilo Provides No Guarantee

So, despite their claim to guarantee a refund, getting your money back seems to be a sweet dream! When you ask this Angel guy for a refund multiple times, you’ll notice that you get the same bunch of replies, regardless of what you’re asking. 

Growthsilo Customer Review
Growthsilo’s Customer Feedback 

#4 Growth Silo Does Not Have A Free Trial

The fact that they charge you an amount of money to offer you a “free” trial is another reason why they can’t be trusted. Free means free, right?

#5 Canceling Your Service Would Be A Nightmare

Canceling your service seems to be another irritating process. Growthsilo team repeatedly asks you to wait for your refund. It charges you every month if you can’t cancel your service (which you simply can’t).

They don’t care if you have any concerns or lose your money. 

So, if you want an out, you’ll have to cancel your credit card or contact your bank to block their account because you may never receive a response from the team. Otherwise, you’ll be charged every month for the service you don’t receive at all.

Growthsilo Review
Growthsilo Review 

#6 Suspicious Delivery

In some cases, users assert that Growthsilo doesn’t even ask about their login information or phone numbers after paying for their service. It’s perhaps because of the login process that many customers call Growthsilo a scam!

Growthsilo Review on Trustpilot
Growthsilo Client Comment

#7 Growthsilo Only Provides Unreal Account Targeting Option

Despite their assertion to grow your brand on Instagram while targetting users who have a liking for the type of content you post, some say they just received some random likes or comments from people with fake IDs. Or, in some cases, users who sounded uninterested in the kind of stuff the Growthsilo’s clients were producing wrote unrelated comments.

Growthsilo Review
Growthsilo Review

#8 Fake Positive Reviews on the Website

Some even believe that all positive Growthsilo reviews are nothing more than comments written by fake users.

Positive Growthsilo Reviews Have Been Reported as Fake by Customers. 

What makes this even more interesting is that such negative comments aren’t only accessible on Trustpilot. In fact, by reading Growthsilo reviews on Reddit and other platforms, you’ll come to see that Growthsilo’s current customers are far from happy!

Growthsilo Review (Trustpilot)

According to customer reviews on Trustpilot, Growthsilo is not a reliable platform.  We don’t recommend using those Instagram growth tools like Growth Silo that have so many unsatisfied clients. Inserted, our top priority is to use an organic Instagram growth service with positive reviews and higher online ranking like AiGrow. 

Best Growthsilo Alternative: AiGrow


If you are confused and do not have any alternative in mind for Growthsilo, you can take AiGrow as the best organic Instagram growth service available. You quickly learn how to grow Instagram followers by using this platform and can promote your IG account. 

See how satisfied AiGrow clients are with their choice in the video below. 

AiGrow Features

AiGrow Features
AiGrow Features

AiGrow provides you with some outstanding services you can enjoy and be free of any kind of concerns. Here are some of its features:

  • It can quickly bring new, interested, and active followers to your IG page.
  • It uses related hashtags and targets people or locations that can help expose your content to more people.
  • You can produce your content and not worry about when to post it. AiGrow does the scheduling task with the analytics.
  • It can also help you schedule your reposting and rewarding time.
  • Most importantly, add a link to your bio and let AiGrow do the rest. They can create a landing page with multiple links to your custom websites and social media pages.
  • AiGrow sends automated DMs to your targeted audience. Use DM desktop inbox to handle your DMs.
  • This tool also helps you automate your giveaways and contests.
  • Plus, you get to mass delete your Instagram posts.
  • It’s totally secure. AiGrow keeps your data safe; you don’t need to worry about anything anymore.

However, what sets AiGrow apart is not how well it functions or how many tools it offers, but that it provides its clients with human managers that can handle all your tasks professionally and efficiently. 

So in effect, you won’t be leaving your hard-earned success with a dangerous bot, but with an experienced team of professional Instagram managers who are fully aware of Instagram limits and how IG success comes about.

Now, wait no more and guarantee your success with AiGrow!

How Does AiGrow Work

As mentioned already, AiGrow functions with social media managers. So, as soon as you sign up for AiGrow and choose the service you have in mind for your account’s growth, a team of professionals will be put in charge of your team.  In this way, your account will gain authentic followers and your Instagram growth strategy will be done manually and organically. You can share your concerns, speak about social media strategy, ask your questions with your group and arrive at answers. 

To get started with this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up on AiGrow and connect your IG account. 
  • Choose a pricing plan; you can select one plan from the various options here.
  • In your dashboard, select the ‘Manage’ button and choose from the tools on the available tabs.

It is truly as easy as that! 

Growthilo Vs. AiGrow; Final Verdict

As shown in the image above, AiGrow offers an extensive range of valuable features with guaranteed results for boosting your online presence on Instagram safely and organically. Accordingly, AiGrow wins the competition over Growth Silo. 

So, sign up now to take advantage of AiGrow’s awesome features!

FAQ On Growthsilo Review

There are still some other questions related to Growthsilo that you might probably have in mind. Here are some of the important ones:

1- Growthsilo Vs. Growthoid: Are Growthsilo And Growthoid Related?

Both Growthsilo and Growthoid are Instagram growth services. Growthoid also claims to have similar plans, like gaining real followers, using no automation system like bots, service guarantee after signing up, data security, etc.

But NO, there is no connection between these two platforms, except for their claim to do the same job, and Growthoid reviews don’t seem satisfying like Growthsilo’s.

2- Are SocialMeep Reviews Better Than Growthsilo’s?

Based on the reviews on Trustpilot or Reddit, unfortunately, SocialMeep is another Instagram growth service that has given rise to much dissatisfaction among people. Their support service is weak and doesn’t work properly. It is said that they also use bots and don’t pay the refund for their guarantee and sometimes even charge their clients more than once. 

What attracts users’ attention is that SocialMeep looks like a professional platform, but when they sign up, all their assumptions change. Many IG users’ accounts got banned due to using SocailMeep for their follower growth or had a little engagement on their page that was totally useless.

It also gives them fake followers who have no use for their IG growth. If you need to learn more, check out our complete Social Meep review.  

3- Is Growthsilo A Scam?

Does Growthsilo scam? All we said was to reach this point and see whether Growthsilo is a scam or a legit platform. Regarding what we talked about in this article, it’s all your choice to choose or disregard using Growthsilo. 

But, if you want our opinion, why risk something and invest on a platform that got so many bad reviews while you can simply pick AiGrow for promoting your account? AiGrow is a legit platform that we already wrote a review on, and we can assure you to have the best result possible when you use it.

Last Words On Growthsilo Review 

In short, Instagram growth services are an excellent way to promote your business, or simply your IG account, much faster. But, the important thing is that you must be careful about what platform you would assign this task to. There is this risk of losing your money and time with no specific outcome. 

Thus, instead of trying a service like Growthsilo, or any other similar platforms, try AiGrow, which has passed its tests over the course of time. It has a positive reputation and ranking on credible websites like Trustpilot. You simply sign up and choose the service you want. There is no need to worry about your money, and you will surely get your expected result.

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