IGdm Review: Send Instagram DMs Online + 2 Best Alternatives

IGdm Review Instagram DM

Instagram has grown to over 1.21 billion monthly active users. As a result, more people will definitely want to take advantage of this potential for marketing purposes and send DMs to their followers and target users. Using third-party services like IGdm is a good idea to save more time.

Like anything, where official developers fail, third-party developers pick up the slack. In the case of Instagram DMs, apps like IGdm or other professional apps like DMpro are trying to make it easy to send mass Instagram messages.

You may agree that sending Instagram DMs from your desktop is still a pain. On the other hand, sending messages on Instagram using mobile phones has its own constraints. Using the best Instagram DM apps to send Instagram messages might be helpful.

If you want to know how to DM on Instagram using IGDM and its alternatives, like DMpro, and also know which one is worth using, stay with us.

Note: you can scroll down and read DM pro features if you are looking for an IGdm alternative.

What Is IGdm

IGdm (aka IG:dm, aka IG DM) allows you to send mass Instagram DMs from any Windows, Mac, and/or Linux machine. You can use this to sync your Instagram direct messages from your phone to your computer and continue sending or answering them.

IG dm to send Instagram DMs
IG dm to send Instagram DMs

Other options, such as quoting messages, searching for users, saving videos and images, and so on, are available to help you manage your Instagram direct messages. You can also use it as an IG unfollower app. In addition, IGdm offers a pro version with even more capabilities.

Downloading IG DM and using its initial features is free! But to use the pro version, you have to pay. Within the first 14 days of installation, you can use IGdm Pro for free. They stated that you are not required to purchase the license before attempting to use it.

IGdm – The Way To Send Instagram Messages From Your Desktop

You may manage and send your Instagram messages from your PC using services such as IGdm and DMpro. Like WhatsApp desktop, IGdm (Instagram Desktop Messenger) is used to continue your Instagram chats from your smartphone to your PC.

In the following, we will explain everything related to this Instagram DM app, from the features to the setup process and its support. 

IGdm Features

This app provides most of the DM features found on the official Instagram app on your phone and brings them to your desktop. In addition, this IG DM app offers additional features for users to facilitate contact with their audiences.

IG dm to send automatic dm
IG dm to send automatic DM

IGdm features include:

  • Sending DMs (including photos and emojis)
  • Receiving DMs
  • Disable read receipts
  • Quote messages
  • Search for users
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Unfollowers
  • Save videos and images

IGdm pro version includes more features:

  • Proxy support
  • Filter chat list
  • Search messages
  • Multiple accounts
  • 100 conversations
  • Delete conversation
  • Unsend messages
  • Quick replies

Certain aspects are self-explanatory and do not require any further investigation. However, in the following, we will discuss those functions that you might find unclear at this point.

#1 Disable Read Receipts

You can adjust the setting in IGdm so that users don’t get read receipts and can unread their IG messages. This way, you can read the messages and answer every one of them you want at any time.

#2 Quote Messages

Within a conversation, IGdm provides a specific and quick way of quoting chat messages. Users can use this feature to pick up where they left off in their chat, depending on previous communications.

IGdm Quote Messages
IGdm Quote Messages

#3 Two Factor Authentication

The app’s safety is ensured by this function. Unnecessary activities are avoided, and hackers are less likely to gain access to your IG system.

#4 IG Unfollowers

This feature allows you to see a list of users who haven’t followed you back. It’s a good option for anyone who wants to know which of their followers are worth following and which should be deleted.

#5 One Hundred Conversations

When you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll have access to up to 100 additional conversations on Instagram. You’ll be able to load up to 100 of your chats at once with IGdm Pro. You are able to send multiple direct messages at once by utilizing this function.

#6 Filter Chat List

Additionally, IGDM pro gives you the ability to split your chat list into two separate groups. You are able to filter your chat list depending on the number of messages that have been read and those that have not been read using this tool.

#7 Quick Replies

When you use IGdm Pro, you will have access to a function called “Quick Reply.” You will be able to auto reply messages and save those that you send frequently and then access them with only a few clicks thanks to this option.

Other features, such as the ability to unsend messages and delete conversations, allow you to utilize this program just like you would on your phone. We’ll have a look at their customer service quality in the following.

How to Start Using IGdm

IGdm setup is as simple as navigating to their site, downloading the version that’s compatible with your system, and running through a quick installer. They offer three separate versions for the operating systems Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download it and begin utilizing it according to your requirements.

How to Connect Your Instagram Account to IGdm

After installing it on your computer, IGdm will bring you to a login screen and ask you to log in just like you would on your phone.

IGdm login

From here, all you have to do to connect to your Instagram account is to provide your Instagram login information to start using the app.

Maintenance And Support

IGdm has a dedicated “Common issues” page to solve users’ frequent problems. They also have an “Issues” page on Github where anyone can post about issues they’re having. According to the page, the team so far has solved lots of users’ issues.

Issues page for IGdm on Github
Issues page for IGdm on Github

However, after reading the IG DM reviews, we discovered that their support team was not very helpful. In the following paragraphs, we’ll look into the IGdm reviews.

Note: If you want a better service and a support team behind you, you’d better scroll down and read DMpro features and start using it.

IGdm Price

IGdm download is free because it’s an open-source project. Users are, however, encouraged to donate via PayPal. But you have to pay to use IGdm pro. You can use IGdm pro free trial for the first 14 days. But the problem is that they don’t mention how much you should pay after that!

IGdm pro
IGdm pro

If you’re simply looking to be able to send and receive Instagram DMs from your desktop, IGdm’s easy-to-use interface is an option. For you. But the point is that there is always a suspicion that free apps are unsecured. If you want to have more options and safe service, we suggest you use DMpro instead of this.

IGdm Reviews

According to a number of reviews found on a variety of websites, a significant number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of the IGdm service, including their inability to download the pro version, poor targeting, and even being banned by Instagram.

On the producthunt website, for example, a user complained about the pro version’s inefficiency. Another user reported that the app’s poor targeting caused him to send messages to the wrong people. Using DMpro‘s powerful targeting, you’ll never have such an issue!

IGdm Reviews
IGdm Reviews

Another user mentioned their dissatisfaction over the fact that they have been experiencing an issue for an extended period of time but have not received a solution from either their support team or the forum that they have access to. This issue occurred for both of the accounts that he managed.

IGdm Reviews
IGdm Review

According to the Scamadviser website, igdm.me may be a fraud because they discovered multiple negative indicators for it. They gave this website a low trust score based on their study since the website’s owner is utilizing a paid service to hide his identity on WHOIS.

Furthermore, the website is hosted in a high-risk country. Besides, they discovered bitcoin services, which pose a considerable risk on this website. The fact that their anonymous payment methods were discovered on this site can be risky.

scamadviser review for igdm.me
scamadviser review for igdm.me

To avoid such issues, we recommend that you use DMpro, which is described in the following.

The Best IGdm Alternative; DMpro

When you use Instagram’s direct messaging feature to its best potential, you’ll have a lot of options and advantages. The best way to make the most of it is to use the proper app. DMpro is one of the best choices that allow you to use this Instagram messaging app on your phone as well as on your desktop. We will take a closer look at its features to help you understand this magic tool.

DMpro the best app to send Instagram dm
DMpro: The best app to send Instagram DM

DMpro Features

DMpro functions as an assistant or a full CRM system for your Instagram and can generate leads and revenue for your business. You may send Instagram direct messages and automated DM responses to your connections, as well as send and receive DMs via email.

DMpro Features
DMpro Features

There are numerous features that will make your work faster. 

#1 Powerful Targeting

DM pro offers powerful targeting capabilities that enable you to DM each new follower, existing follower, users who frequent specific hashtags, or followers of competitor accounts. Using this method, you’ll be able to attract a large related audience and turn more of your followers into customers.

#2 Flexible Messaging

DMpro allows you to generate many message samples, so you don’t have to keep sending the same message over and over again if you don’t want to. This application will optimize and randomize your message by using different snippets of changeable text.

#3 DM to Email & Vice Versa

When you use this service, you won’t let an Instagram direct message go without a response for days. This makes it possible for all of your direct messages to go directly into your email inbox. You can even reply to them directly from within the email itself.

#4 Desktop Inbox

DMpro additionally gives you access to a dedicated desktop Inbox on your computer. Therefore, you will be able to reply to direct messages, arrange them, delete them, and filter them all from the comfort of your desktop computer, or even mobile device.

DM pro to send auto dm Instagram
DMpro to send auto dm Instagram

#5 DM Auto Response

There is a tool that will assist you if you are not online and need to respond to your customers right away. With DMpro auto response, you may send a pre-written message to anyone who sends you a direct message. Your customers will be patiently waiting for you to respond when you are available.

#6 DM via Multiple IGs

This tool will save you time and energy if you are a marketer who manages several accounts. This allows you to manage numerous Instagram accounts from a single Dmpro dashboard. It also gives you the option of using multiple message templates for each communication.

#7 Unlimited Bio-Link

DMpro additionally includes a feature that is really useful. This function can be used if you have a website and want to include it in your link along with your WhatsApp link, alternative landing pages, or even coupons. You’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website and produce more leads this way.

#8 1000/Mth Bulk DMs

As a powerful CRM for your Instagram DMs, it is an excellent tool. In a matter of minutes, you may send a carefully designed DM message to hundreds or even thousands of your followers.

So, if you are interested in using such a service for your Instagram, don’t waste any more time and sign up from here.

DMpro Transparent Pricing

One of DMpro’s strengths is their packages, which are well-defined in terms of functionality and cost. You can pick and choose amongst their features and get one that meets your needs.

DMpro pricing
DMpro pricing

DMpro also offers a free trial that allows you to send and receive a limited number of 45 DMs. You do not need to pay to start utilizing the free version. You must charge your account when you have sent that number of followers and want to send more automatic DMs.

To save money, you can buy three-month packages that cost 48$ per month for the DMpro package and 123$ per month for the DM advanced package.

IGdm VS. DMpro 

You’ll get access to more tools with DMpro, such as powerful targeting, a link in bio tool, and bulk dm to a larger audience. We compared all of the features of the two services in the table below.

Features IGdmDMpro 
Send and receive DMs
Powerful Targeting
Unlimited links in bio
2-Factor authentication
DM to Email & Vice Versa
1000/Mth Bulk DMs
24/7 Support
Disable read receipts
Quote messages
Search for users
Save videos and images
automatic DMs
Delete conversation
Proxy support
Filter chat list
Quick replies
Search messages
Unsend messages
Mass DM marketing
Using on mobile phone
IGdm VS. DMpro

As you can see from reviews and features, DMpro is a better service for Instagram direct message automation. But if you need more options and a growth service that ensures growing your Instagram organically, we want to introduce a comprehensive service. AiGrow can help you increase your followers by having different features, including sending Instagram DMs.

AiGrow: Another Alternative To IGDM

On a side note, for those looking for more inbox customization and the ability to send targeted, automatic DMs, in addition to being able to send regular Instagram messages from your desktop, consider using a tool like AiGrow. This service is a growth tool and offers:

1# Powerful Targeting

AiGrow is a growth tool and has the ability to DM new or existing followers, people who use certain hashtags or from certain locations, followers of a competitor account, or even an excel list of Instagram usernames.

#2 DM To Email And Vice Versa

You can connect your DM to your email account to receive and respond to the DMs in and out of your email account using custom subject lines.

#3 Desktop Inbox

You can reply, organize, delete, and filter direct messages from the convenience of your PC, laptop, or even mobile browser.

#4 DM Via Multiple IGs

You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts from one single dashboard, each with different message templates.

If you require a growth service that has all of the capabilities discussed in this article alongside growing your Instagram organically, we have previously researched a number of growth services to assist you in selecting the best alternative. Among them are the following:

FAQs on IGdm

There may be some unanswered questions regarding IGdm and sending Instagram direct messages. We attempted to bring them up and address them in this section. If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

1- Is IGdm Safe?

We discovered that this website is not secure based on user reviews. There are numerous difficulties with this website, as you can see in the IGdm review section if you scroll up. As a result, a superior program, such as DMpro, that is safe and has more options, should be considered.

2- How to Reply on Instagram?

Here you will find instructions on how to reply to a specific message on Instagram. You should know that you won’t be able to reply to DMs or auto dm on Instagram until you download the Instagram direct messaging app. Apps like IGdm and the DMpro allow you to reply to your Instagram DMs. 

When you get an IG dm app you can easily reply to any message on your direct and even send auto-replies.


Many people want to manage and control their Instagram accounts from their desktops. In this post, we tried to identify the best Instagram DM apps that allow you to send, receive, and mass deletes IG DMs. The IGdm app is one of the first apps that provide this feature. However, by comparing it to DMpro, we found out better apps could be found.

Do you know a better alternative than IG:DM? Leave a comment below and let us know about your way of sending DMs.

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