How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account

How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account

It’s been quite a while since you stopped your content marketing efforts on Instagram, and as a result, your account turned dead completely. Now, you are back on the grid, and you are left with a dead Instagram account. And it’s a pretty discouraging situation. We feel you! You are reminded of all the effort you put in to gain followers on Instagram and establish yourself or your business as a trusted authority. Now it’s all gone. Let’s not say all, but most of what you did is wasted away, and many of your followers have unfollowed you on Instagram. But don’t lose hope for even a second. We’re here to help you get to the right solution and learn to revive a dead Instagram account. 

At first glance, it might seem an impossible task to accomplish. But, by taking the appropriate steps, you’ll manage to revive your dead Instagram account and reestablish a foothold on the platform. The actions and tips we’ll introduce in this blog aren’t anything out of the ordinary. They are a combination of primary and advanced tips necessary to rebuild a dead Instagram account. 

Let’s briefly review them:

  1. Get help from a trusted Instagram growth and management service
  2. Give your following count a boost with an Instagram followers trial
  3. Conduct DM outreach campaigns (send mass DMs)
  4. Run influencer marketing campaigns
  5. Get rid of all the clutter and mass delete old posts
  6. Schedule Instagram posts
  7. Hold Instagram contests
  8. Optimize your account properly via a free bio link

Even if you don’t consider all of these points together and decide to go with only a few, you’ll still obtain meaningful results.

What Is a Dead Instagram Account and Why Is My Instagram Dead?

The term ‘dead Instagram accounts’ refers to those formerly active accounts but have ceased publishing posts. As a result, if you’re wondering, ‘Why is my Instagram account dead?’ you should be aware that you will be flagged as an Instagram dead account if you delete your account. Additionally, your followers will no longer be able to read your posts. On the other hand, your engagement rate will drop significantly in this situation since the Instagram algorithm will assume that your followers do not like or comment on your feed. In general, Instagram will deactivate dead accounts altogether between one and two years of inactivity.

Accordingly, many users ask, how do you get into a dead Instagram account?

In this case, you can follow the process to reactivate a disabled Instagram account. Also, many users have reported success by asking Instagram to transfer an account.

Now, if you’re wondering ‘how do you revive an Instagram account,’ you’ve come to the right place. So let us investigate ways to resurrect them.

How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account

When you say my Instagram account is dead, the time you get into your page, you may face Instagram resetting followers, too. To avoid this issue, you need to revive your dead Instagram account. So you must start promoting your posts and take time to publish high-quality content, and utilize new ways to get followers on Instagram to save your dead Instagram accounts! 

Therefore, keep reading if you are challenged with ‘my Instagram is dead’ and wonder how to revive a dead Instagram account. 

Here, we will share essential strategies to revive Instagram dead accounts quickly:

#1 Utilize a Trusted Instagram Growth and Management Service

The very first step to revive your dead Instagram account is to boost your followers by employing a potent growth service. It will assist you in picking up where you left off or even fly off the chart. A significant advantage of getting an Instagram growth service is to attract your target audience! Indeed, it’ll help you gain followers that are attracted to your business or niche, people who are enthusiastic about interacting with your posts. However, you must avoid services that offer inactive or random followers to save your account from being suspended. 

A growth service that manages all aspects of its account would be phenomenal for a professional Instagram marketer whose Instagram account’s dead. AiGrow is a complete package of Instagram growth tools and services helping you with all your considerations. Indeed, this platform is a professional Instagram management service that lets you hire a skilled IG account manager. Accordingly, the Aigrow account manager will communicate with your potential customers and followers manually and revive your dead Instagram account in a wink of an eye.

 Now, sign up for free and ensure to read the AiGrow review to know its features precisely. You can quickly set it up on your PC, laptop, iOS, and Android and start using it.

How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account
Growth Tool

#2 Boost Your Following Count with An Instagram Followers Trial

Fancy getting 1000 IG followers and rebuilding a dead Instagram account ASAP?

In the beginning, you may panic and wonder, ‘how can you revive a dead Instagram account?’ Of course, your account needs a real shock to get out of a heart attack which is only possible by growing your followers organically. It requires careful preparation and effort to gain a significant audience on the platform. Then, you can improve your growth efforts and anticipate attracting over 10K followers on Instagram. Still, if you struggle with the issue of ‘my Instagram account is dead,’ stay with us to reveal more strategies to you. 

#3 Conduct DM Outreach Campaigns to Revive Dead Instagram Account

You are reading this article to learn how to revive dead Instagram accounts and skyrocket your growth and outreach on the platform. Indeed, a branded strategy that professionals suggest is ‘Direct Messaging.’ Therefore, if your concern is ‘why is my Instagram dead,’ invest in DMs. DMs keep you in touch with your audience and followers directly, helping to revive your dead Instagram account at a glance. Now, you may say sending DMs to loads of followers is time-consuming and a hard nut to crack. We are on the same page with you, and that’s why I want to suggest you using a potent direct message (DM) app like DMpro. It is terrific that this app grants you mass DM on Instagram and sends bulk messages in 3 seconds to your target followers. In this case, you can instantly send new products, brochures, and coupons to all your clients. Luckily, DMpro supports an infinite number of Instagram accounts, ensuring maximum ease and simplicity regardless of the number of accounts you wish to upgrade and optimize.

#4 Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In the next five years, influencer marketing is anticipated to grow to a $5-10 billion sector as more firms adopt it as a strategy to boost their bottom lines. So if you wonder, ‘why is my Instagram dead?’ and look for a way to expand your outreach instantly, an influencer marketing campaign would be your rescuer. Certainly, Influencer marketing is the smartest, fastest, and easiest way to grow your brand and make revenue on Instagram. It provides you the opportunity to enhance brand awareness and builds trust and authority. 

Undoubtedly, running influencer campaigns is a unique solution to the dilemma of ‘Can you revive a dead Instagram account?’ 

Now, it’s time to discover your niche influencer! But you may say ‘How?’ Indeed, you can take a look at a comprehensive platform such as Ainfluencer

This app lets you communicate and send DMs to your niche influencers and all their followers for free. In the following, you’ll read some of its features:

  • Post Ads on the influencer marketplace.
  • Find and Invite Instagram influencers to collaborate with.
  • Simplify collaboration using automated workflow and built-in chat.
  • Manage payments to influencers based on success criteria.
  • View real-time campaign analytics.

Most importantly, it currently has a LaunchPad Program campaign that grants you a $20 credit to create your ads if you charge your wallet $100. 

#5 Get Rid of All the Clutter and Mass Delete Old Posts

Instagram is the topmost photo-sharing platform among all social media, and many marketers upload several photos and videos there. Therefore, when you decide to revive a dead Instagram account and restart your career on the media, you may have loads of redundant posts. If you are one of those marketers who wish to promote a new product line or service, you need to refresh your page. However, removing all the posts one by one is long-drawn-out and a pain in the neck. And the official Instagram app doesn’t have a built-in feature to mass delete posts at once or even delete IG posts on PC. The good news is that AiGrow post deleter lets you mass delete Instagram posts and eliminate former photos instantly. It also provides you a feature to delete one picture out of multiple on Instagram. Therefore, you can select the content you want to remove and hit the delete button, and your app will do the rest for you.

#6 Schedule Instagram Posts to Revive Dead Instagram Account

To keep in touch with your followers, you need to post 2-3 times a day. You may assume it is a head-scratcher! This is also the way to avoid facing the ‘my Instagram account is dead’ matter. However, using a powerful Instagram scheduler, you can manage to post frequently without bothering yourself to get on the platform every time. AiSchedul is an IG scheduler that will assist you with this, and you will always be on board for free! This is awesome! 

The only thing you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for free and make most of AiSchedul’s features to activate your Instagram account.
  2. Select “Manage Account.”
  3. Click on the “POSTS & SCHEDULING” Tab.
  4. Then, choose the “SCHEDULER” tab.
  5. Select “Schedule,” and you will see three options: Feed, Story, IGTV

    How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account
    Post Scheduler
  6. Therefore, you can select the one you desire and start publishing your feed. 
  7. Write the captions and add hashtags.
  8. Finally, you can set the time you want to post your content. 
How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account
Add Hashtags

Now you can post frequently and quickly. Even when you are not available, your scheduler will perform all the tasks plus publish your content. Additionally, if your account accumulates fake (or ghost) followers and needs a refresh, this app lets you bulk unfollow accounts without shutting your IG down. 

It is also essential to apply hashtags in your captions and your first comment to be more visible on the platform and revive a dead Instagram account. The good news is that AiSchedul will add hashtags to your posts automatically. Moreover, you can save hashtags to save time. Above all, it affords you to create an Instagram hashtag cheat sheet to get instant views in 2021.

 #7 Hold Instagram Contests to Revive Dead Instagram Account

People love games and prizes! Therefore, if you consider ‘my Instagram is dead’ and need to attract more audiences to your page, holding giveaways and contests is efficient. If you doubt, can you revive a dead Instagram account via IG contests? You must know that not only it’ll revive your dead Instagram account but boost your engagement rate immediately. 

Therefore, determine your goal, pick a valuable prize, and define rules to let people enter your contest. After all, it’s time to promote your giveaway, use giveaway hashtags, and launch it on the platform. You might consider it mind-boggler, and you are right. However, using AiSchedul‘s ‘Post & Reward’ feature, you can automate your Instagram giveaway contests and save your time. This app lets you announce your games at the best time of the day constantly and inform all the followers by sending DMs to them. Then, it’ll track the users’ actions and pick and DM the contest winner instantly. 

How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account: Run Contests
Run Contests and Pick Winners in a minute

#8 Optimize Your Account Properly

Last but not least, if you are still wondering ‘how to revive a dead Instagram account?’ adding your other social channels and website’s links to your Instagram account will drive traffic to your page. For instance, you can link Instagram to TikTok or Twitter and attract various users interested in your niche globally. However, as you might know, Instagram lets its users only add one link to their bio. So if you have multiple accounts on different social media platforms, it’ll be a challenge for you. But don’t worry because is an all-in-one bio link tool that allows you to build a personal page and share multiple links. Indeed, Myurls is one of the best Linktree alternatives that the device was initially made for Instagram bio link

Now, to claim your free Myurls account follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Add your Instagram account. 
  3. Then, click on the blue button that says ‘Claim.’ 
  4. Finally, use the panel below it to add your links
How to Revive A Dead Instagram Account
free bio link

Too Long; Didn’t Read

In short, if you have a dead Instagram account, you can quickly have it up and running by following the steps you learned in this blog post. But remember, before starting anything, be sure to come up with an effective strategy. It’s easy to choose paths when you have no destination. But when you have clear goals in mind, you know which path to take. So spend enough time on creating a strategy and setting goals.

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