Instamber Complete Review 2024: *Not Working* Is It Banned?

Instamber Review

Every growth solution makes the claim that it can help businesses on Instagram take off the ground. What about Instamber, though? Or in other words, the Instamber Instagram bot!

So, everything goes back to more than three years ago, when this service more or less worked! But if it really did, was Instamber among the best Instagram growth services? Or was it one of the best Instagram DM apps to send Instagram Messages?

Actually, this spammy service caused a lot of IG accounts to be suspended or banned. This post will thoroughly review Instamber to help you decide whether to trust such services or not. To find out what other people say about this purported social media platform, other Instamber reviews will also be looked into too.

Therefore, stay with us as we go through this detailed review to see how Instagram bots like Instamber work. 

Note; you definitely will need an alternative; so we have two incredible services. One to grow your Instagram organically with AiGrow, and one to send mass DMs like a pro with DMpro.

Can Instagram Growth Services Be Worth It

With over one billion monthly active users, and four times more user engagement than Facebook, Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. However, if you want to take your Instagram growth far, you will need followers. But be careful with the Instagram followers bot, even though a lot of people use them without thinking.

Getting the right audience’s attention on the platform and keeping them engaged on your page is extremely difficult. You have to employ different strategies to improve your online presence and popularity in this highly competitive media. 

In this case, the best solution would be to use a reliable Instagram growth tool and not a bot. If you choose your service correctly, it can make your Instagram experience easier and more enjoyable than before. Nevertheless, with so many SM virtual assistant services, it can be highly challenging to pick among proven IG growth tools for real results

Hence, keep reading this review to learn more about the Instamber app, including its key features, pros, and cons. At the end of this post,  we will also share our final verdict on whether it is a good choice to invest in or not.

What Is Instamber 

Instamber Instagram followers bot
Instamber Instagram followers bot

Instamber is an Instagram follower app, openly admitting that it is an Instagram bot. According to their website, “it provides the most intelligent Instagram bot that matters to your business.” In this way, they do not try to hide the fact that their Instagram growth and engagement are not organic.

However, this service sometimes works and sometimes does not! We don’t know what will happen with Instamber in the future. Will it return to work or not? Whatever happens, this is a warning indicator that you should never rely on such a service!

Anyway, Instamber automates all your Instagram activities, like DMs, likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and content posting, to help you gain more exposure. However, using a bot to get more followers on Instagram is very risky and should be avoided. 

The most noticeable thing about this company is that it violates Instagram’s terms and conditions with its name. It is worth mentioning that both ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ have been copyrighted by Instagram. Therefore, if a company uses either in its name, it may face a lawsuit. 

In this regard, we believe this service is not safe and has the potential to cause problems for your IG account. Furthermore, it employs dangerous bots, putting your account at risk of being permanently blocked or banned! In short, it is not worth the trouble. 

Instead, reputable Instagram growth companies such as AiGrow will never employ bots. AiGrow offers human-based IG expertise that is available around the clock.

How Does Instamber Work

How Does Instamber Work
How Does Instamber Work
  • After sign-up with your email and password, you should connect your Instagram account with the app. However, you should note that this login may put your IG profile at risk. 
  • Next, Instamber will send a verification code to your Instagram phone number or email. After verifying this code, you will go to their dashboard.
  • From the dashboard, you can start targeting your audience. This Instagram follower bot offers several targeting options, including hashtags, geotags, competitor or similar accounts, gender, and language, to attract a target audience on Instagram

Your dashboard allows you to add limits, filters, targets, and other features according to your preferences. There is a set of instructions for each feature regarding its functionality. Take your time to look at these instructions concerning how to use each feature.

  • Using this tool, you can add several IG accounts to your dashboard. But to add more accounts, you have to repeat the login process for each. 

If you are going to add multiple accounts, make sure to choose unique IP addresses for each one. The suspension or termination of one account will affect all accounts if you use only one IP address. Because of this, it’s a good idea to use different IP addresses.

  • If you cancel an order on Instamber, you may not get your money back after giving it to them. It has no free trial, indeed. Therefore, proceed cautiously.
Instamber Instagram bot follower app not working
Instamber Instagram bot follower app not working

However, according to the Instamber reviews, one of which is seen in the screenshot above, this service does not work and is not worth considering. They apparently only get money, fail to deliver on their promises, and refuse to refund!

As a result, it is preferable to employ an alternative. AiGrow is a trustworthy service that works miracles for you. Because it is not a bot, there is no risk of being banned by Instagram. It also provides you with a variety of tools to fully manage all aspects of your IG account.

Instamber Pricing 

All plans and bundles in this Instagram bot follower app have the same pricing. So, for a few dollars, a bot can just do all of these different things! If only that weren’t a hoax! Here is a list of Instamber’s pricing plans:

Instamber Pricing Instamber’s Pricing 

As you can see, Instamber has four growth plans to pick and choose from:

#1 Instagram Bot ($10)

This package handles likes, follows, and comments. 

  • Auto like
  • Auto-follow/unfollow bot
  • Auto comment 
Instamber review

According to this Instamber review, they can’t deliver auto followers and auto likes. This weak service just gets users into trouble!

#2 Direct Message ($10) 

Instamber acts as an Insta dm bot. This package focuses on DM marketing. 

  • Send welcome/customized direct messages to current followers and non-followers
  • Attach an image to a message
  • Send up to 120 DMs every day.

As previously stated, Instamber is a buggy and inconsistent service that operates rarely. Various software capabilities quit operating at random. Therefore, sending DMs with this service is a huge hassle. 

So think about another DM app. DMpro is a full-featured Instagram direct messaging app that enables you to turn your Instagram account into a CRM system. Bulk IG DMs, outbound DM automation, DM to email, and auto-response are just a few of its features.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for DMpro and benefit from this incredible app.

#3 Comment Manager ($10)

Comment manager manages comments you receive all in one place. 

  • Manage and track all comments in one place
  • Back up and categorize comments.
  • Auto deletes negative comments.

#4 Instamber Post Manager ($10)

  • Schedule your content 
  • Use geotags
  • Image editing tools (You can watermark your posts). 

Each Instamber growth package is $10 a month per account. If you want to use all the features, it will cost $40 every month for every added account. It also costs $7 for 100 Instagram likes, $0.22 for 100 Instagram Story views, and $15 for two months of its Instagram bot usage. 

Buying Instagram auto followers and likes is not a good idea even if it would be free as it may result in ghost or inactive followers who have no use other than reducing your engagement rate. Additionally, buying Instagram followers may put your page at risk of being banned from Instagram.

Instamber Features 

The Instamber Features
Instamber features
  1. Auto-DMs: The Instamber app allegedly sends DMs to potential followers, encouraging them to visit or follow your Instagram profile. 
  2. Instamber’s Post Manager: They claim that this feature allows you to schedule Instagram posts from your computer and post them at the best time on Instagram
  3. Auto Comment Manager: This tool allegedly helps track all your comments on Instagram in one place. Additionally, using this tool, you can reply to comments, remove offensive ones, and pin a comment on Instagram for later reference. 

If you think they deliver on their promises, it’s better to keep reading. In the next part, you will see what Instamber reviews revealed!

Instamber Reviews 

Forty-three people have already reviewed Instamber on Trustpilot. As a result, its Trustpilot Score on the platform is 2.4, which is relatively low. Instamber has not replied to reviews for some time, which is also concerning. 

Instamber Ranking on Trustpilot
Instamber reviews Trustpilot

Here are some recent Instamber reviews from people who have used this service before. Let’s look at some of them to see what hidden flaws real users have faced using Instamber.  

Instamber review
Instamber review

On Trustpilot, many negative reviews have been written about Instamber recently. For example, Simas says: “Garbage – Refund refused. I paid for the service and logged in. Hated interface, modules, crappy setup, etc. I used their service for 3 min before canceling and asking for a refund. They refused. It’s garbage.”

Instamber users complained that the service didn’t work and that they couldn’t get help from the company. Reading such negative Instamber reviews is disappointing. However, you can learn from them to prevent such bad experiences in the future.

Instamber reviews
Instamber reviews

Will J Hawke also confirms that Instambler’s customer support is very unsatisfactory. He says: “I tried contacting them countless times, but they are too ignorant to respond.” I have come across many complaints from users who are not satisfied with Instamber’s customer service.

Instamber review
Instamber review

Instamber reviews also rank low on or Reddit, indicating its poor online reliability level. 

The Instamber Pros & Cons 

To help you make a more informed decision, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of Instamber.

Instamber Pros

  • Cheap pricing (can be just a scam).
  • It supports several social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter marketing. Besides Instagram, Instamber can help you get followers on TikTok and Twitter. It has a few automation tools for TikTok and Twitter. 

Instamber Cons 

  • Instamber is an Instagram bot technology. 
  • No free trial. 
  • There is no 24/7 customer service. 
  • No authentic Instamber reviews on the site. 
  • Their payment gateway is insecure.
  • According to Instamber reviews, it is not refundable. 
  • Instamber does not work most of the time. It runs for an hour or two (if you’re lucky) and then crashes. 
  • Some Instamber tools are no longer functional. 
  • Instamber lacks a FAQ page.
  • There is no mention of the Instamber team members on the site.
  • Beginners may have difficulty using this growth tool. It has a highly complex interface. 

So, why should you waste your time on this terrible service? In the next section, we will introduce you to AiGrow, a comprehensive growth tool that is incredibly gratifying to use. Furthermore, if you are seeking an IG DM app, we will introduce you to the greatest Instagram DM app; DMpro, and go over its features.

AiGrow: The Top Alternative To Instamber

Instamber alternative
AiGrow; Instamber alternative

AiGrow is a reliable Instagram growth tool that gets the attention of your target audience, makes them visit your Instagram account and follow you, and finally converts those followers into paying customers. It cares about your Instagram growth and online reputation from the beginning to the end. 

AiGrow does not use Instagram bots and closely monitors Instagram’s algorithm updates. Thus, your Instagram page will grow organically and safely over time without being banned.

AiGrow is a top alternative to Instamber as it doesn’t pose a threat of being blocked or banned from Instagram. Furthermore, AiGrow offers extra tools and services in addition to Instamber’s outlined features, enabling Instagram business accounts to grow faster and more effectively.

Get more out of Instagram with AiGrow.

How Does AiGrow Work

AiGrow signup
  1. To access your account dashboard, Sign up Now to Get Started with AiGrow. The signing-up process is straightforward. 
  2. You can choose the growth plan that suits your needs by clicking on ‘Upgrade’ on your online dashboard.
  3. In addition, AiGrow asks you to provide relevant hashtags, your competitors’ IG accounts, or a specific location to help its AI-advanced search engine find more qualified followers. You can edit or update this list of target accounts and add or remove any number of targets whenever you like.
  4. In this step, AiGrow will connect you to a dedicated account manager. These professional experts will run manual activities based on your priorities and plan strategies to bring real and engaged followers to your Instagram page and generate more online visibility and awareness on your page. With AiGrow, you don’t have to worry about bots, spam, or fake followers. 
  5. Finally, if you have questions that remain unanswered here, you can send an email to [email protected]. AiGrow’s customer support is available 24/7.

Guarantee your success with AiGrow right now!

AiGrow Features 

Instamber aigrow features
AiGrow features

AiGrow offers a wide range of essential tools and services at a reasonable price.  Here are a few of AiGrow’s features:

  1. All-in-one Bio-Link Tool:  You can use this tool in AiGrow to place as many links as you want on your profile.
  2. Powerful Post Scheduler Tool:  AiGrow’s scheduler automatically posts your content according to the content calendar you create
  3. Smart Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool: This tool helps you run efficient Instagram giveaways and contests and select random winners more fairly. 
  4. Effective DM marketing Tool: Using AiGrow’s DM marketing tool, you can manage your mass DM on Instagram, receive DMs, and all responses in your Email inbox.
  5. Instagram Post Deleter Tool:  It helps you remove many selected posts in just one click. 
  6. The Instagram Analytics Tool. 
  7. A Social Monitoring Tool.
  8. AiGrow’s PostMate Service: AiGrow’s postMate feature will meet your needs for content creation. It offers a wide range of services, including Instagram design plans, customized content for your Instagram feed, etc. However, this content creation strategy is available only for the pro pack.
  9. Content Repost: Thanks to this great feature, you can easily repost viral or user-generated content, generating many shares and likes for your business.
  10. AiGrow’s Hashtag Generator Tool. 
  11. Instagram Unfollow App: Using AiGrow’s Unfollow tool, you can quickly analyze and manage your Instagram followers, identifying and unfollowing inactive or fake ones.
  12. Dedicated Account Manager: A significant advantage of AiGrow is that you are assigned a dedicated account manager as soon as you start using the service. The content your account manager should design and deliver is something you can discuss and evaluate weekly or monthly with your dedicated account manager.
  13. 24/7 customer support: AiGrow’s customer support representatives are always available to assist users if they need help.

Watch this video to get an idea of the AiGrow users’ experiences:

Grow your Instagram safely with AiGrow.

AiGrow Pricing  

When AiGrow’s pricing is compared with Instamber’s Instagram auto followers and likes, it may sound expensive. However, you should bear in mind that with AiGrow, you will get guaranteed results for high-quality and engaged followers. 

Moreover, using AiGrow, you will be hiring a professional account manager responsible for monitoring your growth, acquiring more followers, generating more likes, comments, etc. Due to this, AiGrow’s cost will be worth it compared to Instamber, which does not work most of the time.

AiGrow offers a wide selection of price plans based on your business needs.

So, get immediate access to AiGrow now.

DMpro: the Best IG DM App

Instagram auto DM free
Instagram auto DM free

If you use Instagram for business and career purposes, you may need to send out a large number of IG DMs to your target demographic. You might send out a catalog of your services and products to attract customers. Sending mass DMs with the best direct message Instagram app such as DMpro would be a fantastic idea.

There may be numerous tools for sending direct messages, such as the IGdm that we previously reviewed. But, with DMpro, you’ll have access to more options, such as strong targeting, a link in bio tool, and bulk DM to a wider audience. So using DMpro and having all of the capabilities you require in one spot is a wise decision.

The Incredible Features of DMpro

DMpro features

DMpro allows you to send IG DMs as simply as possible. With your email, you may send and receive Instagram direct messages. You can also use this app and send mass DMs on your PC or mobile phone. So there can’t be a competitor for it!

DMpro features are as follows:

  • You may DM each new follower, existing follower, individuals who frequent specific hashtags, or followers of competitor accounts with DMpro’s sophisticated targeting.
  • Flexible messaging allows you to generate a large number of message samples, eliminating the need to send the same message over and over.
  • All of your direct messages can be delivered to your email inbox by using DM To Email & Vice Versa. Even better, you can respond to them right there in the email.
  • DMpro provides a desktop Inbox. You may reply, manage, delete, and filter direct messages from your desktop computer or mobile device.
  • DMpro Auto Response helps you respond to users when you’re offline. It also provides a pre-written message to use for direct messages.
  • Multiple Instagram accounts can be managed from a single Dmpro dashboard. It also allows several message templates per communication.
  • Unlimited Bio-Link can be used to drive more traffic to your website and produce more leads this way.

Furthermore, 1000/Mth Bulk DMs serve as a great CRM for your Instagram DMs; it is an outstanding tool. In a matter of minutes, you may send a perfectly crafted DM message to hundreds or even thousands of your followers.

So don’t spend any more time and begin using DMpro and Mass DM like a pro!

AiGrow Vs. Instamber: Final Verdict

Features InstamberAiGrow 
Automated DM marketing tool
Instagram post, story, IGTV scheduling tool 
Providing an online dashboard for managing multiple Instagram accounts
Instagram analytics 
Organic Growth. No bots, spam, or fake followers. 
Account manager 
Real engagement 
Providing Instagram content strategy assistance
Sustainable growth 
Advanced AI technology 
Designed templates for content (feeds/stories).
Multiple links in bio.
Hashtag generator tool
Giveaway picker tool
Instagram post deleter tool
Social monitoring tool 
Human-driven + advanced AI growth strategies 
24/7 customer support
Trustpilot Score2.4 out of 54.6 out of 5 

As you can see, Instamber has limited Instagram growth features compared to AiGrow. Hence, AiGrow can provide more comprehensive and valuable options to grow Instagram organically, especially if your primary focus is Instagram marketing. 

FAQs On Instamber 

Want to know more? Take a look at these frequently asked questions about Instamber below:

Q1. Is Instamber Legit? 

Since Instamber violates Instagram’s policies and rules, this automated service is not legit or safe. Many people using the service got their Instagram accounts suspended or even banned. We firmly advise you not to waste your time with Instambler, as you may get shot down by Instagram. 

Q2. What Is Instamber TikTok Growth Tool? 

Instamber is a TikTok bot with also growth management services on Twitter and Instagram. They claim that they can help you use the TikTok account as a marketer.  But, at the end of the day, Instamber is a TikTok bot that should not be trusted. Many online Instamber reviews say they couldn’t get their TikTok account connected to Instamber’s growth tool.

Q3. Instamber Works With What Types Of Organizations And Users?

Here is the list of users and organizations that Instamber works with

  1.  Mid Size Businesses
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Enterprises
  4. Freelancers
  5.  Nonprofits 
  6. Governments.

Q4. What Languages Does Instamber Support?

It only supports English. 

Conclusion on Instamber Instagram Bot Follower App

Due to their copyright law infringement and negative user reviews, we do not recommend Instamber as a legit or safe service. It uses bot technology, and bots go against Instagram and TikTok guidelines concerning third-party growth apps.

Also, there is a lack of genuine customer testimonials and data about their service on the website. Moreover, Instamber reviews have a low ranking on Trustpilot, and its customer support is terrible. 

Therefore, in our complete review of Instamber, we concluded that they are quite the opposite, even though they may seem like an excellent tool to use. Based on reviews, many of its features are ineffective, and it does not work most of the time. We must emphasize once again that Instamber as an Instagram followers bot is a malfunctioning service. 

On the other hand, AiGrow will help you manage and save your time and budget for growing your Instagram account organically and safely. It is among the leading tools in the field that employs professional account managers besides its advanced AI technology to provide more guaranteed, organic growth. 

The AiGrow app has all the features that Instambler offers. And most importantly, it also provides additional features essential for managing your Instagram account.

Give AiGrow a try now and get guaranteed results. 

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