Path Social Review *Warning* Is It Worth Using In 2022?

Path Social Review

As part of your online marketing strategy, Instagram, the most popular social media network, should unquestionably be one of your approaches. But, how do you get the ball rolling and expand your IG account in this congested social media landscape? Is it advantageous to use low-rated third-party services like Path Social?

Nowadays, hiring the best Instagram growth services to increase your Instagram visibility and reach is inevitable. But which services are truly worthwhile? As part of our mission, we constantly examine and investigate various social media growth services. Now we’ll look into the Pathsocial IG service to see why it’s a poor decision!

In this post, we’ll look into Path Social reviews and examine Pathsocial features to see if they work. But we must inform you that you will require a better alternative, and we have one; AiGrow is the best Instagram growth company on the market. So stick with us.

What Is Path Social

Pathsocial is an Instagram growth service. They claim to be able to help you grow your Instagram organically through AI targeting, hashtagging, and other initial offerings. In essence, they do not offer anything novel! Because every growing company should provide these basic functionalities.

Path Social website

Their website is simple and appears to lack information, but it briefly explains how their service works. They claim they will not ask for your password and will instead promote your profile via their network of influencers on Instagram and their own platform. As a result, if they don’t engage in follow/unfollow methods and promote your Instagram account using their platform, then they are suspected of employing IG bots and automation. 

They also guarantee follower growth in two days or less. How are they able to provide over 1000 followers in just two days? Even the best Instagram followers apps can’t do that in such a short period of time. This alone should be reason enough to avoid this service in favor of another genuine and reputable provider!

Furthermore, Socialpath has a very low Trustpilot rating, and many users have complained about its inefficiency. Users have reported that they never deliver the number of followers they promise, and even those few followers are all fake!

Path Social reviews on Trustpilot
Path Social reviews on Trustpilot

But we don’t stop there. We’ll show you every facet of this spamming service. This will assist you in making a more informed conclusion, so continue reading this PathSocial truth revealing review.

How Does Path Social Work

It’s easy to get started with Path Social. You just need to click on the ‘get started’ button on their homepage, select one of their packages, and you’ll be taken to the payment gateway! Nothing guarantees what you will get!

In contrast, some companies, such as AiGrow, allow you to view their dashboard, select one of their packages, and then pay for it. Moreover, it guarantees a full refund if you are unsatisfied. It’s fair, isn’t it? You already know what you’re going to buy.

Simply put, Pathsocial is another Instagram service similar to Social Follow, Kicksta, Upleap, and a slew of other Instagram growth services that claim to instantly grow Instagram users’ accounts. But are they right? We reviewed all of these services; you can read their reviews as follows to learn the truth.

You can also find a variety of other services by surfing our website. Anyway, let’s get back to our Path Social review and stop digressing. The Pathsocial features will be discussed in the following section.

Path Social Features

Pathsocial’s features include Influencer shout-outs, targeting, and a dashboard activity log. But, are they the cure-all? Path Social does not provide any additional capabilities that professional Instagram growth solutions such as AiGrow do. More functionality is required if you want to grow your Instagram following. Pathsocial characteristics can be seen in the following.

1. Pathsocial Targeting Approach

Path Social claims to target the right audiences for Instagram users. They are said to do so through Instagram strategies such as regular posting, influencer contributions, and AI targeting. However, there is no additional information about how they do it, what tools they provide for you to schedule your IG posts, or which Instagram influencers they collaborate with.

2. Path Social Relevant Hashtags

Hashtagging on Instagram increases the number of people who see your posts; Pathsocial also has this feature. However, there have been numerous complaints indicating that this service only delivers fake and ineffective followers who are uninterested in your niche. And if you are not satisfied and cancel it, you will lose all of your followers!

Pathsocial review
Pathsocial review

3. Pathsocial Influencer Shoutouts And Email Newsletters

Path Social will promote and expose your posts and Instagram account using these two methods. However, based on Path Social reviews, it is unlikely to be effective. 

The Pathsocial review shown in the screenshot below complained that they only gained 350 followers, all of whom were fake and had no interaction. It’s because of the fake influencers they work with, according to this review. 

Path Social review
Path Social review

For example, one of the influencers who left a review on the Pathsocial site called ‘modern fit’ has fake followers and little interaction. As a result, they assume that all of the influencers with whom they work are similar to this or worse! So don’t expect to gain the massive number of followers they promised!

Path Social Pricing and Packages

Pathsocial packages are classified into two pricing plans: Instagram Elite and Instagram Core. These two packages make unbelievable claims that we think are just intended to deceive people. Take a look at the screenshot below to see why we say so:

Path Social pricing
Path Social Pricing

Can you imagine gaining over 1000 followers in just two days? And they’re natural and engaged? We simply cannot believe it! Isn’t it correct that Path Social is a deliberate lie? According to a Path Social review, the followers they provide have fake profiles, and their profile photos are stolen from Twitter users or other popular platforms!

PathSocial review
PathSocial review

So you now know that Pathsocial made unrealistic promises, such as guaranteed results and follower growth in two days, about which the Trustpilot website contains numerous disclaimers. So avoid this app and think about another option!

There are no positive reviews on Path Social if you search for it on Reddit or Instagram. But if you are still not convinced, take a look at the Pathsocial pros and cons in the following section!

Path Social Pros and Cons

So far, you can conclude that Pathsocial has only cons. If you think we will mention the benefits of this service here, you are mistaken! This shoddy platform has even more weaknesses! Here we gathered all the Path Social advantages and disadvantages.

Pathsocial PROS

  • Transparent pricing plans
  • FAQs section on their website

Pathsocial CONS

  • Unsecure payment gateway
  • The packages remain recharged after canceling
  • Unsecure website
  • Fake followers
  • Unbelievable promises
  • Lack of additional tools
  • Inefficient dashboard
  • Stealing profile photos
  • Fake Influencers
  • incorrect targeting
  • Terrible customer service

Path Social Reviews

Pathsocial claims to provide real, organic Instagram followers, but Pathsocial reviews imply otherwise! It has a very low rating of 2.4 on the Trustpilot website. Furthermore, the Trustpilot website detected Path Social’s misuse of reviews, showing that all of its positive reviews are fake!

PathSocial rating on Trustpilot
PathSocial rating on Trustpilot

We investigated the negative aspects of this service above, such as fake followers, incorrect targeting, and so on. An untrustworthy payment gateway is the worst thing that can happen to a service. According to some Path Social reviews, this service will save your credit card information and continue recharging even after you cancel it!

Path Social Reviews
Path Social Reviews

Furthermore, their dashboard is inefficient and contains only a limited amount of information. And a user who had a problem with the Social Path dashboard encountered poor customer service. Their customer service don’t answer users questions and refuse to refund.

PathSocial Review
PathSocial Review

Using this service will not only help you to expand your followers and increase your engagement rate, but also damage your reputation! Avoid using it and consider a better alternative.

PathSocial Review
Path Social Review

It is safe to say that there will be services that will never mislead people with such promises. They only focus on organic growth and assist you in improving all aspects of your IG account. Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of a good Instagram growth service and the best Path social alternative.

The Importance of Using Growth Services

The importance of using Instagram for business should not be overlooked. Instagram is an excellent platform for any business of any size to showcase their services or products. However, because attracting target audiences is the most important aspect of this platform, you will require the assistance of Instagram growth services.

Best Instagram growth services
Best Instagram growth services

IG Growth services are here to help you  better promote your brand on Instagram with the best approaches. For example, as using IG bots or buying IG followers is against Instagram’s terms of service, a good service will never use these methods.

The best Instagram service will provide you with a dedicated account manager to do the follow/unfollow process, organize methods like Instagram DM marketing, Instagram promotion, or any other method that helps you increase your IG followers without activities that put you at risk of being blocked or restricted by Instagram.

Furthermore, an Instagram growth service will provide you with additional tools to help you accelerate your tasks on Instagram. Instagram tools like:

and so on will help you speed up these activities and focus on organically growing your Instagram.

We should say that one of the best services that we know of that provides all these capabilities is AiGrow. In the next part, we will examine this service and introduce all its features.

So don’t waste any more of your valuable time and sign up for AiGrow right away.

The Best Path Social Alternative; AiGrow

So, by reading this Path Social review, you can learn what genuine Instagram growth services should and should not do. AiGrow is one of those tried-and-true Instagram growth services on which you can rely and delegate your Instagram growth.

AiGrow website

Using AiGrow and its suite of tools, you can boost all factors of your Instagram account, including likes, followers, and comments, while maintaining genuine engagement methods. 

AiGrow Features

AiGrow has all of the Instagram tools in one place. You also don’t have to be concerned about Instagram blocking or restricting your account. AiGrow is the ideal replacement for other growth services. You should use it if you want professional features like all-in-one bio links, bulk delete posts, mass DM, and a variety of other essential options.

They also provide advanced targeting options, allowing you to determine who your content is suitable for and who you should target. The items shown in the image above are just a few of the options available with AiGrow. Other distinguishing features of AiGrow include:

  • Offering one of the best giveaway picker tools
  • Reposting to story and feed 
  • Manual growth activities of follows, unfollows, likes and comments
  • AI-powered IG hashtags generator, and competitors and location research
  • Instagram account monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Adding links to your bio to increase your brand awareness
  • Scheduling content to post on Instagram at the best time
  • Sending mass DM to your followers
  • 300+ new followers monthly
  • 24/7 support

So don’t waste any more time and sign up with AiGrow to gain access to all of these benefits.

Watch this video if you are still unsure whether or not you should use this incredible app:

So don’t waste any more of your valuable time and sign up for AiGrow right away.

AiGrow Plans and Pricing

AiGrow offers a variety of pricing plans, including: 

  • Growth Plans 
  • Postmate Plans
  • Scheduler Plans
  • Unfollow Plans
  • Dm Plans
  • Bulk Post Delete Plans

You can pick and choose from a variety of them based on your needs.

How to Start With AiGrow

The process of getting started with AiGrow is quite simple. You can sign up for it easily by following these steps, and then you’ll have access to all of its features:

  • First, Sign up with AiGrow from here 
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Choose one of packages
  • Pay for it
  • Add as many Instagram accounts as you wish to your dashboard 
  • And start managing multiple IG accounts with only one AiGrow account 

Give AiGrow a try and achieve long-term Instagram growth with genuine engagement. 

AiGrow VS. Path Social Review: Final Verdict 

If you compare Pathsocial to other services, such as Kicksta vs Pathsocial, you will see that they are all superior to this spammy service. But we have to tell you that AiGrow is the best option. In this section, we compare AiGrow vs. Path Social to show you how many helpful features AiGrow offers for your Instagram marketing strategy and how reputable it is. 

Features Path SocialAiGrow 
AI-powered technology 
Organic growth method. No bots, spam, or fake followers
Hashtag generator tool
Advanced filtering & targeting options
Growth with influencer marketing
Instagram analytics & social monitoring tools
Managed growth plans
Support in developing your Instagram content strategy
An experienced account manager will take care of your Instagram account (Manual Growth)
24/7 Support
No password required
Viewing Insta stories
The number of followers and success guaranteed
Content design template (feed/stories)
Scheduling Tool
Multiple links in bio
Instagram post deleter tool
Instagram Mass unfollow tool
Mass DM marketing
Giveaway & contest picker
Fast delivery of services
Trustpilot Score 2.44.6 
AiGrow VS. Path Social

FAQs on Path Social

There may be additional Path Social questions that we did not address in this Path Social review. We attempted to respond to them here. If you have any further questions, please ask them and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q1. Is Path Social Legit?

Based on our research and Path Social reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, as well as its low score, we can confidently state that PathSocial is not legitimate. This service will only get you into trouble, so avoid it.

Q2. Is Path Social Safe?

If you’ve read this review, you know that this service stores information about the payment cards of its users. Unfortunately, Path Social is charging more and won’t refund. Because of this, it’s risky and you shouldn’t use it.

Q3. How to Cancel a PathSocial Subscription?

PathSocial Subscription can be canceled at any time, according to the website. However, Path Social reviews state otherwise. Customer service is extremely poor; they do not respond to customers and refuse to issue refunds. So the only thing you can do is stop using this service.

Last Words on the Path Social Review

Our investigation and analysis of Path Social Reviews from various sources have led us to the conclusion that you should not subscribe to this service. Another issue is that they do not offer enough reliable tools to help you expand your account. 

In addition, it is observed that there is a lack of capabilities and tools, such as the ability to delete multiple posts at once, the link in bio tool, and the ability to send multiple direct messages. Using such services is not a good use of your time.

Utilizing a comprehensive service like AiGrow comes highly recommended by our team.