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10 Instagram Tools That Belong in Your Toolkit in 2021

December 4, 2018

Instagram boasts over 1 billion users. Setting yourself apart from the pack is getting harder and harder, encouraging a lot of people to turn to Instagram tools in hopes of gaining an edge over the competition.

To help nudge you in the right direction, we completed a list of 10 tools that you need to have in your Instagram toolkit. No matter how big your business is, keep reading, and complete your toolkit for Instagram marketing. 

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#1 Instagram Tools for Followers, Likes, and Views (Growth)

Being on social media channels without having enough followers, likes, and views is a waste of time. Especially to make your Instagram account stand out, you need to boost your Instagram engagement rate by having active followers who constantly interact with your posts and stories. 

So, one of the essential tools you need to have in your Instagram toolkit is a growth tool. 

By the way, choosing a growth service that guarantees safe and secure Instagram growth can be an arduous task. But don’t worry; in the following, we introduce the best platform we have found out there. 


One of the best Instagram tools for the organic growth of Instagram followers, likes, and views is AiGrow. AiGrow is a powerful Instagram management service helping you tackle almost all the issues you may face while managing your business on Instagram. This platform is one of the most effective tools you can have in your toolkit for Instagram management. Its toolkit includes a scheduler, repost tool, DM automation tool, monitoring tools, automated giveaway contest runner, and an all-in-bio Instagram bio hyperlink

But let’s go back to its growing services. AiGrow uses your account to manually like, follow, unfollow profiles, and comment on real channels to drive relevant and organic traffic back to your own channel (ultimately converting that traffic to followers). With AigGrow’s packages, you actually hire a dedicated account manager that will manage and boost your Instagram account in every aspect.

This way, instead of buying new followers in bulk who don’t necessarily fit your target audience (which is especially important if you are a small business or brand), you’re gaining exactly the kind of new followers you want for your channel. You’re doing it almost as quickly as you would if you purchased them.

To have this amazing tool in your Instagram toolkit, you have to sign up for free, add your Instagram accounts, and purchase one of their marketing plans which starts at $75/month. Note that you get free access to its package of Instagram tools like the scheduler, repost tool, all-in-one bio link, and monitoring tools even without purchasing a plan. So, do not hesitate to create your account right now. 

#2 Instagram Scheduling Tools

One of the other Instagram tools you must be using to succeed in your business is scheduling tools. A crucial factor in getting more engagement on Instagram is keeping consistent and post at the best time possible. Sometimes, this will be impossible because you might forget to post at a specific time you received using your Instagram analytics. 

To solve this issue, you can schedule your Instagram posts and stories. This way, you’ll never miss the chance to share your posts on time and get the most interactions you can. Additionally, you can: 

  • save time and manage other tasks,
  • create high-quality posts,
  • post across multiple accounts simultaneously,
  • and take your time to write catchier captions.

So, make sure to include a scheduler in your Instagram toolkit. 

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#3 Instagram Editing Tools

As you know, Instagram is a visual social media platform. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos. So, it would help if you had a professional photo editor in your toolkit for Instagram to create eye-catching content and attract your audience’s attention. Here’s our suggestion:


Out of thousands of editors out there, we suggest you use Canva

Canva: One of The Best Photo Editors

Canva is a photo editing tool that you can use for your Instagram feed photos and story photos. You can gain the follower’s attention by using its amazing features like putting multiple style texts on images by creating different photos. You can gear up the level of your Instagram posts by using Canva’s great graphics. This tool is beneficial in creating great content that followers love. So, give it a shot!

#4 Instagram Automation Tools

To save time managing all your social media accounts and avoid making mistakes for being too busy, it’d be a great idea to use Instagram tools that will automate your tasks. There are different types of automation tools that can be added to your Instagram toolkit. For instance, you may need:

  • DM automation tools,
  • automated follow/unfollow apps,
  • auto likes apps,
  • Instagram contest pickers,
  • And auto-response comments apps.

These tools will definitely help you manage your time and avoid forgetting your tasks. However, to prevent exceeding Instagram action limits, we suggest you not use automated follow, comment, or likes apps that use bots to automate the process. Instead, try to hire an Instagram expert to manage your accounts and use Instagram marketing packages manually. 

Mobile Monkey: An Omnichannel Automation Tool

Mobile Monkey: Instagram Automation Tool

A great all-in-one automation tool you can use to leverage your Instagram business is MobileMonkey.  MobileMonkey is an omnichannel chatbot platform that allows you to:

  • Send auto-reply to your Instagram DMs,
  • Create a live Instagram support chat,
  • Capture email addresses,
  • Automatically reply to story mentions,

And more. To learn more about this super amazing software, click here and see how it improves your Instagram toolkit for marketing purposes.

#5 Instagram Engagement Tools

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that more engagement brings more visibility and hence, more growth. This means that if you want to appear on the Instagram explore page, you need to boost your engagement rate and get more interactions. For this, you obviously need to have engagement tools in your Instagram toolkit. 

There are lots of Instagram tools that can be used to get more engagement; however, a perfect engagement tool is the one that tracks your Instagram activity, analyses your performance, identifies evergreen posts, and boosts your engagement rate in terms of different metrics. Briefly, the integral metrics that must be considered are:

  • Follower growth rate,
  • Engagement per follower,
  • Website traffic derived from Instagram,
  • Link clicks,
  • Comments per post,
  • Instagram stories engagement,
  • And your Instagram reach.

So, when choosing an engagement tool, make sure that it doesn’t just grow the number of followers by providing fake or inactive ones. 

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#6 Instagram Branded and Influencer Tools

Influencer marketing is a highly successful method for expanding your audience and increasing your brand awareness. Most of the big brands and eCommerce monsters run influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram. However, if you want to run one of these campaigns, you have to find a suitable influencer. This is where you need an influencer platform in your toolkit for Instagram. 

Using Instagram tools that will help you find the best influencer to promote your products, you can save a great deal of time and energy. Especially if you rely on building organic relationships, finding a suitable influencer to collaborate with is challenging. 

Actually, different Instagram tools for influencers offer different services. But, a complete one that must belong to your Instagram toolkit should provide you with:

  • Finding the proper influencer,
  • Managing the relationship,
  • Campaign management,
  • Performance analytics,
  • And content amplification.

Finding a platform that offers you a full package of the mentioned tools can be really time-taking. But don’t worry; here’s an expert-tested influencer marketing tool:


One of the best Instagram influencer marketing apps that must be added to your toolkit for Instagram is Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer: Find the Desired Influencer on Instagram

Actually, Ainfluencer is not just an influencer marketing tool. This is an influencer marketing and marketplace Ads agency that helps you find a proper brand or influencer to work with on Instagram and achieve your marketing goals in a shorter time. This DIY platform enables you to post a free ad in the marketplace, explore and invite your targeted influencer or brands, chat with them, manage your payments, and track your performance. So, it covers almost all the necessary services you need for a perfect influencer marketing campaign. Add it to your Instagram toolkit and give it a ride!

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#7 Instagram Analytics Tools Free

One of the most necessary Instagram tools that must belong to your Instagram toolkit is analytics tools. These tools help you know how successful you were in performing your marketing strategies and following them, and you will know when to change your ideas to get better results. 

Moreover, analytics tools let you know your audience better and follow strategies that work more efficiently. But how can you know the age, gender, and even location of your followers? Let’s see!

Instagram Insights

To analyze your performance, find the best time to post on Instagram based on your niche and followers’ activity, track your Instagram link clicks, and main characteristics of your followers; we suggest you use Instagram insights which is a feature of the official Instagram app, available for business accounts. 

Instagram Insights

Using this free feature, you can perfectly analyze your performance and followers and get detailed demographics. Just turn your account into a business one and enjoy having this free tool in your toolkit for Instagram!

#8 Instagram Tools for Marketing And Business

If you promote your business on Instagram, you definitely need Instagram tools for marketing and business purposes. Having such tools in your Instagram toolkit, you can accomplish your marketing goals in the blink of an eye. 

There are thousands of Instagram marketing tools out there that offer some services to help you boost your growth. However, when choosing the best Instagram tools for your business,  keep in mind that a great marketing tool:

And more. So, choose the one that perfectly meets your needs. 

#9 Instagram Contest Tools

In the past few years, Instagram giveaway contests became really popular among brands and businesses. Using these contests, Instagram businesses can experience rapid growth in their Instagram engagement rate. So, it is highly recommended. 

By the way, the process of setting rules, sharing giveaway posts, preparing the prizes, and picking the winner takes a great deal of time and makes it hard to host such contests. But, using Instagram tools that automate your giveaway contests, you can easily manage all your tasks and enjoy the process. So, try one and add it to your Instagram toolkit. 

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#10 Instagram DM Tools

Another type of Instagram tool that must belong to your toolkit for Instagram is DM tools. To be honest, Instagram direct messages are not less important than email marketing, but sometimes, even big brands ignore this amazing tool. DMs result in a closer connection with customers, better customer care, and exclusive product updates. 

Having a professional DM tool in your Instagram toolkit, you have the chance to:

And send automated DMs to groups of followers to offer them discounts, provide them with new products, and thank them for purchasing your products which builds an intimate relationship with your customers. 

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Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, to get the best results, you need to have a complete Instagram toolkit containing some professional Instagram tools. These Instagram tools will help you with every single step of running your account on Instagram and getting more interactions. So, read the article carefully, get the tools you need for your Instagram toolkit, and boost your business. 

Also, if you know of any other tools that must be added to a toolkit for Instagram, let us know by leaving a comment. 🙂

This post was last modified on July 23, 2021 03:04


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